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The return of Frank and Mikey

It’s a good thing our favorite (non-panda) bears are here today to cheer us up. News has just dropped from the Pandiego Zoo that Mr. Wu and his mom will be going to China at the end of April. Mr. Wu was the first baby panda I watched on the panda cams from birth, and if I wasn’t already in love with him, the well baby panda exam that the zoo staff generously shared with Mr. Wu’s public, stole my heart for all times. Needless to say, the next few Sundays encore presentations, will  feature the one, the only Mr. Wu-self.

If you need your own full-time remembrance of Mr. Wu, consider acquiring Book 4 of the Panda Chronicles: The Book of Wu.

Meanwhile, I think Frank and Mikey want to talk about being endangered…

Guess who’s coming for cuppycakes!!!!

Panda on
Bob T Panda

It’s Sunday Funday! Let’s have Fun with PANDAS!!!!

The sky is gray, but it’s all black and white at the Panda Chronicles!

Yes, it’s Sunday, which is now our day for Encore Presentations of all of my (and I hope your) favorite ‘toons. I spent yesterday at the American Library Association Midwinter Conference in Seattle. It was fun and overwhelming and I came home with piles of new books to read, saw many of my writer/illustrator buddies from SCBWI (Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators) and was in the presence of more people than I usually see in a year.

If I find books in my now huge to-be-read pile that I love, I’ll be sure to pass these titles along as I know many of you love to read things that aren’t even about pandas!

But now, let’s have some of those pandas you love!

I just saw another news story on Twidder about this…

“I’ll have one of these, and one of these, and one of these, and one of…”

what fresh horror

…and she ate the just right cuppycake all up!

31 days

Oh come on…hasn’t that ever happened to you? One minute there are two dozen cuppycakes just sitting there, and the next minute they’re gone?

let there be cake!

Inspired by a TRUE story!

I need to go have some cake!

Panda on!

31 Days of Pandas: Day It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Crispmoss

Yes it is Day 25 of 31 Days of Pandas, otherwise known as Crispmoss among the panda set. I would like to point out that it is 46 degrees inside my house, as the electric power has not yet returned. Because of my extreme dedication, I am at the library, preparing this and the next few days of 31 Days of Pandas posts so not a single post is late.

Am I wonderful, or what????

For those who said “Or what,” I am going to tell Pinky you said that and she will do something to you I’m sure. Maybe give you a medal, maybe poof you, I don’t know. Just for that, I am going to torture you with extending Pinky in Wonderland for one more day and instead, bring you this encore presentation of everyone’s favorite holiday classic…

Have yourself a pandy little Christmas….

It’s a Wonderful Life, starring non other than The Wu Self! Enjoy!

it's a wonderful life

Thank goodness Bee the Bear still has her magical wand from the last adventure.

It's a wonderful life

Wu is a good bear at heart….

It's a wonderful Life parody

Bee the bear tells it like it is

It's a Wonderful Life parody

What part of “you don’t exist” didn’t you get? Ha ha! I love that line!

it's a wonderful life parody

You won’t like this, Mr Wu!

It's a Wonderful Life Parody

Those darn cats!

It's a Wonderful Life parody

Repeat after me, “It’s a story” ‘kay?

It's a Wonderful Life, parody

Everytime a bell rings, a panda gets a cuppycake.

It's a Wonderful Life, parody

Yay! The heartwarming schmoopy ending!

Pandaing through the snow…
BobT Panda

It’s October and that Means…

…It’s time for our annual rebroadcast of ….The Wizard of Wu!!!!! (Sounds of cheering and huzzahing and pass the cuppycakes!) Yes it’s that time once again when we dust off that old chestnut, that classic satire of The Wizard of Oz, starring…no…NOT Pinky!!!!!!!! But the one, true, dearly beloved Wu Self!!!

(More cheering…you’ll have to do the sound effects yourself.)

Are you ready?
Do you have your popcorn?
Did you use the little bears room?
Well, all right then, let’s begin!

where happy pandas eat bamboo, oh why, oh why, can’t…Wu?

We’re in for it now, Binky!

Hang on to your hats, kids, it’s gonna be a bumpy ride!

I don’t think we’re in Pandiego any more, Binky….

What could be waiting outside? Where the heck ARE we, Binky?

Mr Wu landas in the cuppycake region of pandyland in this episode of his new adventure

Don’t I know you from somewhere?


Mehitabel would like to register her protest about given the least sympathetic role in this adventure.

We would like to note the early appearances (in supporting roles) of Pinky and the Meihems.

Xiao Liwu has to journey to see the wizard

Okay, now it’s getting exciting! Scary parts dead ahead!

Stay tuned next Friday for more of…The Wizard of Wu!

Be the Bear!
Bob T Panda

It’s Fabulous Furry Friday, I think…

It’s Friday, the empire is crumbling before our very eyes, and I just had cake, although it didn’t have frosting, so I guess we can say that it’s all coming out pretty much even, right?


Oh heck! let’s look at some vintage pandas!

mr wu speaks out.

Is this a personality or what?

Yun Zi leaves for China

There’s no place like home…

Yun Zi leaves his San Diego Home for China

Leaving the nest is never easy.

No nonsense to be found here!

I smell frosting!

I have extra frosting!

Well, that’s all I got for you today. The news from the home of our nation’s first panda family is all kinds of crazy. You can find me…well…hopefully they can’t find me…hanging out with pandas

Be the bear, every one!
Bob T Panda

Today is Mr. Wu’s Actual Birthday, but…

…it’s also time for the third installment of Bebe Maurice and how he came to be a great arteest!

How many times have I told you…

What grace! What form! Bebe Maurice is a painter to be reckoned with!

And because today is Mr. Wu’s birthday….

birthday week

It’s so hard to be cool when you still live with your mom.

Viva les Pandas!
Bob T Panda

And Continuing with the Celebration of Wu…

This weekend it is Mr. Wu’s 6th birthday! Because everyone’s first baby panda, the one you watch from the moment they were born, the one you saw in person when he was only 8 months old (even if he slept through most of my visit), that baby panda will always be special. He was the only panda born in the US in 2012 and so, he did not have to share the stage with any US panda cubs for almost an entire year, with the arrival of the Meihems!

Who can forget Mr. Wu’s declaration: Dis. Will. Not. STAND!!!!

Mr Wu speaks out!

Wu had so many wonderful adventures…

Will the panda kindergarten get it put together before Bai Yun gets home?

And then there was the time Mr. Wu ran away with the panda kindergarten to join the circus…

Fanmail from some Flounder?

“Are we there, yet?”

Who can forget, “It’s a WUnderful Life”?

It's a Wonderful Life parody

Repeat after me, “It’s a story” ‘kay?

…or The Wizard of Wu?

Wizard of Oz spoof

But we’ve come such a long way already….Bwahahaha!

What are you waiting for? Order Book 4 of The Panda Chronicles! The Book of Wu!  And while you’re at it, check out my Pandreon page!

Viva les Pandas!
Bob T Panda

Fabulous Furry Friday…um I mean FriBEI!!!!

We are headed in to the high season of the panda birthday season, and it is never too early to start celebrating the July 29th birthday of the one, the only, the most adorable panda EBBER, the real Wu Self! He was my first baby panda, and so he’ll always be most special to me. Pinky may rant and rage about this, but what can I say? My heart will always belong to Wu!

Let’s get started! WuWuWuWu WU-HOOOOOOO!

“Howdy do! I’m Mr. Wu! Who are you?”

“Wu calls his dance, ‘Ode to a Weaf’ “

Thank you all for coming! Buy my book here!

Yo ho ho and a bottle of BooBeer!

“You are right and Wu is wrong…I’ll never do it again, mommy.”

You can read all about ALL of Mr. Wu’s adventures in his very own (almost Pinky free) book, The Panda Chronicles Book 4: The Book of Wu, available at a computer terminal near you!

And be sure to check out my new Pandreon Page, for those of you who would like to do more to support panda satire! It comes with a super secret page just for panda satire supporters!

Keep supporting panda satire, calling your Congressional representatives, and fighting fascism and injustice! It’s a tough job, but somebody’s gotta do it.

Bob T -not-an-enemy-of-the-people- Panda

Fabulous Furry Friday presents…

Don’t ask me how I know this:

One other piece of advice for those visiting the PanDiego Zoo (Home of the real Wu Self!) and that is this: Do NOT, under any circumstances, ride of the Skyfari cable cars when it’s raining. Even a seemingly innocent misty rain becomes a driving gale while you are suspended 60 feet above the ground, moving horizontally at a fairly spiffy pace, high above the zoo. Just sayin’.

I mean I would say so if I, or anyone I actually know, had direct experience of this phenomenon. 

Meanwhile, on with today’s round up of ‘toons! And what better way to start than with Wu’s birthday ‘toon from last July!

birthday week

It’s so hard to be cool when you still live with your mom.

Memorial day

In case you have forgotten than tRump has rescinded the ban on the import of dead elephant trophies…

Twinkies 2.0

Twinkies 2.0 put on a show!


Mittens is STILL telling anyone who will listen that his inauguration had the highest attendance in the history of the universe. I don’t THINK so!

Huzzah and congratulations to all the students who observed the peaceful walkout to protest the failure of Congress to enact sensible gun regulations. Could they be failing to act because the NRA donates heavily to some members of Congress? Hmmm? You tell me. I look forward to attending a march on March 24th, to remind Congress that we ARE paying attention to what they do (and don’t do) and plan to vote accordingly.

Here’s a photo of my home town, little Langley, having a protest march on the day after tRump’s inauguration.


Women’s March, Langley edition!

Panda La Vida Loca!
Bob T Panda

The Panda Convention!

Yes, Virginia, there is a Panda Convention and it took place this past weekend in Sunny Pandiego California, at the home of one of my favorite pandas, the one, the only, the adorable Wu Self! (Pinky: I thought I was your favorite panda, unka bob!) (Can someone check out why Pinky seems to have comment privileges in my posts? She’s not supposed to have access to my computer!)

And who knew there was a Panda Talent event at the convention?

Can you believe the talent being displayed here? Surely Bob should get an Oscar or something!

Stay tuned for a more complete account of the Panda Convention later this week (after I get all the frosting out of my fur!)

Viva Les Pandas!
Bob T Panda