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Pand-O-Lympics Finale!

The actual Olympics may have ended weeks ago, but time has no meaning here! Here with the final event, are our favorite pairs of twins, The Meihems and their…um…”differently behaved” younger zizzies, Six and Sebben!

Let the games begin!

We will now bid the Panda-O-Lympics a fond fare the well, for another 2 years. Who will the torch bears be this time? Perhaps Fleur and Snowy? Stay ‘tooned in to find out!

Be the bear!
Bob T Panda

Don’t forget the felty kitty project! Still 19 kitties available for their forebear homes!

Bob Recreates his Triumphant 2010 Pand-O-Lympics Performance

Having lost his position as Team Panda coach, Bob decides it’s time for him to return to the ski slopes in hopes of winning Olympic Gold! Will Bob prevail? will he triumph over the giant panda slalom?

It’s just the GIANT SLALOM! Not the GIANT PANDA SLALOM!!!!

I think there is still a bit of Olympic excitement yet to come, but noon never sleeps, and there are breaking Nooz reports coming across our desk every day! I just can’t draw fast enough! Yowza!

Be the Bear
Bob T Panda

The Pand-O-Lympics Continue!

This ‘toon (22oon) is coming to you at 2:22 on 2/22/22 (or for you folks not in the US: 22/2/22) Just in case you care about these kind of numerical occurrences…


Six and Sebben hit the slopes! (Not to mention each other!)

I heard they might also participate in the four panda bobsled event with their sisters, the Meihems!

I hope you are panda-ing on!

Be the Bear
Bob T Panda

The Pand-O-Lympics Continue!

Is cuteness a performance enhancing substance?

If it is, Fleur and Snowy could be in trouble! Watch them make Olympic history with the first ever, Pair and a Half Figure Skating Event!

I’m pretty sure France is going home with the gold medal for this event!*

*This has nothing to do with the fact they are the only skaters in this event.

Be the Bear
Bob T Panda

The 2022 Pand-O-Lympics Begins!!!!

The 2022 Olympics in Beijing are going to be wrapping up later this week, but the Pand-O-Lympics have just begun!

Let’s see how Pinky is doing being the team coach and manager!

Can you say “Biscuit on a Bobsled???”

And how about Mommee Mei’s snow boots?

Be the Bear
Bob T Panda

I think we need some more…

Vintage Panda Olympics!

Baaaa Baaa Ba Ba Ba Baaaa Baa Ba ba ba baaa Ba ba ba bubbuabuh ba BAAAAAAHHHH! (that was the Olympic theme song, if you missed it!)

This cartoon is one of Bob’s earliest appearances!
The Pandas first attempt at Olympic Glory!
‘and for the record, it’s just “giant slalom.” It’s not just for pandas.’
Pandas using performance enhancing substances? Say it isn’t so!
Going for the …um…chocolate chip.

I’m hoping to have some new Panda-O-Lympic ‘toons for you this week! We shall see, won’t we?

Be the Bear!
Bob T Panda

Let’s give a cheer for Team Panda!

The 2022 Olympic Games have begun, so while Team Panda ties their skate laces, finds their way to the ski slopes and loads up the front of their Bob-sled..oops…I mean bribe the judges…um…that wasn’t us…

So let’s take a look at the panda performances in past Olympic competitions…

Is that the twins I see before me? Don’t tell Lun Lun
another boring rerun
Did the Torch Bears take a wrong turn????
torch bears, money, selling olympic torch
but now what will they do when they get to the Olympics?…..stay tuned!
Stay tuned for the exciting conclusion of this story!
Oh, those Torch bears!
Hey! watch where you put that torch!

We’ll be back next Sunday with more highlights from the past panda olympics! Stay ‘Tooned!

Be the Bear
Bob T Panda

The Panda Olympics are Coming!

Granted, they will not be hosting the Winter Olympics in Beijing until 2022, by which time we could all be dead, but we are so excited that the pandas get another chance to compete! Of course some sort of panda-like mascot has been selected for the 2022 Olympics. Predictably, some have criticized the Olympic committee for “lack of creativity” in choosing a panda as the mascot. To this we say: WHAT ARE YOU FREAKIN’ NUTS???? IT’S A PANDA! OF COURSE THEY CHOSE A PANDA! GET A GRIP!

In honor of this momentous honor for pandas, let’s look back on Panda Olympics past! Huzzah! It’s a double dose of pandas because we REALLY need them!

another boring rerun

Did the Torch Bears take a wrong turn????

This cartoon is one of Bob’s earliest appearances!

The Pandas first attempt at Olympic Glory!

Never underestimate the power of a good “fart joke”

We would like to point out that there were NO TORCH BEARS near the Cathedral of Notre Dame when it caught on fire.

Love the hobby horse on a spring (inspired by a REAL photo of a REAL panda on one.

Sochi Winter Olympics, Pandas

I keep hearing the song “bears on the Run” going through my head…the ski run, that is!

Uh oh! has there been Russian tampering with the selection of the Torch Bears?

Hey! watch where you put that torch!

Hey! What are you two doing up on top of the ski jump?

Let Pinky be Pinky!

Skate faster, Boo boo!

Four pandas are better than two.

The world swoons….

Panda on!
Bob T Panda

Also, if you had on your Impeachment Bingo™️ Card, “Conspired on a recorded phone call with a foreign leader to influence election,” mark your card for triple points!