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Aren’t We Glad We Can All Gather Together Again?

Well, MAYBE we are…

So many moving pieces to figure out! A Mother Panda’s job is never done!

Sorry for the delay in posting. For the last mebbee…I don’t know, 5 years, I’ve done really well posting to a schedule. For some reason I am lately a day late and a dollar short. Yesterday there was a terrible fire in my neighborhood, about 3/4 of a mile from my house. Maybe less. It was really traumatic, because, as you might know, I lost a house to fire about 26 years ago. It is so dry here, and without the fast action of our local fire department (which has been stressed because of the dry weather) it could have been a lot worse for our whole community. All humans and animals are okay. The house not so much.

So, I might be using someone else’s disaster to excuse my tardiness, but then again, I did have to take a walk to see if the woods were on fire. (they weren’t.

So, anyway, Mei is having her own disaster. enjoy!

Be the Bear,
Bob T Panda

FFF presents: Pandas of Days Past

I thought I would continue my theme of sharing a specific month’s cartoons from several years ago. It is always fun and instructive (for me, anyway) to see how my drawings have changed from my early days of pandism.  Today, let’s revisit March of 2011…

Let’s start with The panda kindergarten’s first trip to the olympics, starring Bob as a young panda!

This cartoon is one of Bob's earliest appearances!

This cartoon is one of Bob’s earliest appearances!

The Pandas first attempt at Olympic Glory!

The Pandas first attempt at Olympic Glory!

Maybe they have a point...

Maybe they have a point…

See, What did I tell you?

See, What did I tell you?

And since I have had to do a little air travel recently, I was reminded of this cartoon, which incidentally is a favorite of one of my younger fans, (yes, that’s you, Celeste), much to her mother’s dismay.

You can't be too careful!

You can’t be too careful!

Ha ha! Here's a toothbrush!

Ha ha! Here’s a toothbrush!

Commercial alert! If you are enjoying these cartoons from the early days of panda satire, you can find them all in Book 1 of The Panda Chronicles: Your Brain on Pandas! Find it on Amazon, or out of the back of my car!

See you next time!

Be the Bear,
Bob T. Panda

The Torch Bears Reveal their “Enterprising” Personality

Once again, a story has come across the airwaves that is just ripe for panda satire.  And, as you know, we at the Institute for Contemporary Panda Satire can NEVER resist such a good story.  It just makes me proud to be a cartoonist.  The story of former Olympic torch bearers selling their torches on Ebay is one such story.  Believe me, I am NOT making this up.

It’s all in the timing…..

Be the Bear!

Bob T. Panda

But where in the world are the Torch bears?

The 2012 summer  Olympic games to be held in London England are just around the corner.  has anyone seen the Torch Bears?

Pandanastics star, PO of Atlanta Zoo, practices for the Olympics, while the Torch Bears continue their around the world journey. Where will they turn up next?


Be the bear!


Bob T. panda