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Let’s give a cheer for Team Panda!

The 2022 Olympic Games have begun, so while Team Panda ties their skate laces, finds their way to the ski slopes and loads up the front of their Bob-sled..oops…I mean bribe the judges…um…that wasn’t us…

So let’s take a look at the panda performances in past Olympic competitions…

Is that the twins I see before me? Don’t tell Lun Lun
another boring rerun
Did the Torch Bears take a wrong turn????
torch bears, money, selling olympic torch
but now what will they do when they get to the Olympics?…..stay tuned!
Stay tuned for the exciting conclusion of this story!
Oh, those Torch bears!
Hey! watch where you put that torch!

We’ll be back next Sunday with more highlights from the past panda olympics! Stay ‘Tooned!

Be the Bear
Bob T Panda