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Panda-ing Down Memory Lane….

We continue with our Year in Review, because, quite frankly, we got up on the wrong side of the den this year, and we are feeling a bit like those bears that hibernate really have the right idea.  We could just go to sleep for a while, and when we got up, it would be spring, and maybe we would be in a better mood than we are now. so, to cheer ourselves up a little, here are some more of our favorites from 2011!

panda on rocking horse

That one was inspired by some of my favorite videos of the year, of panda kindergarteners on plastic rocking horses. A definite mood enhancer!

And how could we have resisted the story of Mei Lan, the first born panda of Zoo Atlanta , who, it was discovered when she was 5 years old, that she was a he!

Mei Lan, Atlanta surprise

Mei Lan, Atlanta zoo surprise

See you tomorrow, in a better mood, we hope.

Be the Bear!

Bob T. Panda

Bob’s Year in Review!

This is the time of year that we cleverly slack off creating any new material, (though in our defense, we probably drew more new cartoons this year than the last 2) and show some of our favorites in a lame, but effective, “year in review” format!  But don’t worry, we have new cartoons in the works that will start appearing in 2012!  The really great thing about  a lousy economy is that I need to cheer myself up with extra panda satirizing. Everybody wins!

Here’s one of my favorite cartoons of the year, starring the panda kindergarten, of course!

Halloween pandas

I especially like the little panda that uses toilet paper to make a mummy costume, but hey, that’s just the way I am!

And what would this year be without the introduction of Babette de Panda, panda child of Victory Schouten.  In Babette’s cartoon persona, she has learned much from her mentor and great Muppet friend, Miss Piggy.

cartoon soap opera

And of course, our 30 Pandas in 30 Days feature for the month of November! (Still available as a poster from Pandyland at Cafe Press!)

30 days of pandas

Be the Bear!

See you for more Year in Review tomorrow!

Bob T. Panda