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31 Days of Pandas: Day 24 (It’s Crispmoss Eve!)

Yes, it is Crsipmoss Eve, and you know what that means! Tomorrow, by popular request, (okay, it was just Linda, but I bet more of you were hoping  for this, weren’t you?) we will enjoy (yes, ENJOY!!!) The Twelve Days of Crispmoss! (Pinky: starring ME!!!!)

But now, let’s have another (very!) exciting episode of Beary Poppins!!!

uh oh.

Merry Christmas to all who celebrate. We could certainly all use a little more peace and light in the world.

Be the bear,
Bob T Panda

Don’t forget to tune in tomorrow for the 12 days of Crispmoss!

Have yourself a pandy little Christmas….

31 Days of Pandas: Day 23!

Oh my! We are galloping downhill to the end of 31 Days of Pandas! It is a fun opportunity to revisit old ‘toons, while adding to the repertoire of new stories with Beary Poppins! I plan to finish up Beary Poppins’ story by years end. Because it has been a bit drawn out, starting on Friday, I will start from the beginning of Beary Poppins and recap all the episodes over the next few days, so if you’ve missed any, you can get caught up before the dramatic finale!

Wait…there’s going to be a dramatic finale?

But now…let’s get our snacks so we can enjoy the finale of Pinky in Wonderland!

The whole truth and nothing but, so help me, Pinky!

Mebbee just a liddle bite of da magical mushroom….

Oh oh! What is happening! The room is spinning and it’s all going dark!

Was it all just a dream?

Mebbee Bubba isn’t going to let Pinky push him around anymore. Yeah. Right.

We hope you enjoyed this encore presentation of Pinky in Wonderland! Be sure to ‘toon in tomorrow for the next episode of Beary Poppins! I’m sure it will lift your spirits!

Be the Bear!
Bob T Panda

31 Days of Pandas: Day 197 (Okay, really Day 17, but it FEELS like this month is 197 days long!)

We’re back with another episode of Beary Poppins!!!

A promise is a promise, even among grizzly bears!

Be the Bear!
Bob T Panda

31 Days of Pandas: Beware the Ides of December!

Beary Poppins returns!

And guess who showed up! (I’ll give you a hint: It wasn’t me!)

If you need to refresh your memory, here is a link to the most recent previous episode of Beary Poppins, since it’s been a week!

It wasn’t me!

Huzzah for Pandas!
Bob T Panda

Note to people who are feeling generous but don’t want more stuff in their houses: Several people this season have anonymously gifted felty pandas to friends who want one, but mebbe don’t have the disposable income to indulge themselves. If you would like to do this, thank you! It helps me (because I sell another felty), it is a wonderful surprise to the recipient (because YAY! a surprise panda!), and also, if you do it in December, I’ll make a donation for each felty sold in December to PDX Wildlife to help with their panda research!

Just send me a message using the contact form on the buy stuff with pandas page and we’ll set it up!

31 Days of Pandas: Day 14

We are almost halfway through this year’s 31 Days of Pandas! Coincidentally, we are almost through the final days of the Reign of Terror, brought to you by Mittens and his evil minions. I have not commented on Pinky’s loss in the Presidential race. I’m not sure that she is not going to try to pull a “fast one” in the days before Biden and Harris take their oath of office at their inauguration. I guess we’ll see.

I don’t know about you, but I am completely worn out by all the craziness. Each time we have a victory in the courts, I get a little lift, only to be newly horrified by another of HWMNBN’s insane lawsuits or pronouncements, and his urging on of armed thugs.

Later today, the Electoral College, (for better or worse) registers their certified state electors choices. A pretty weird system if you ask me. (not that anyone did) The concept seems to be, in order not to shutout a smaller group of voters, it disadvantages larger states with more people. I don’t see how this results in a “fairer election,” where the candidates have to address a wider swath of the country. They end up spending all their time and efforts in a handful of swing states, rather than the entire country.

Well, this old panda won’t sort it all out for the country. Let’s have some Panda Satire instead!

This week we have an Encore Presentation of Pinky in Wonderland, along with new episodes of Beary Poppins on Tuesday and Thursday!!! Huzzah!

And now, On with the show!


Curiouser and curiouser…


Pinky: mommee is making jokes again!

Was that Mr. Bun????

Sometimes being spontunerous can get you in over your head, Pinky!

“toon in on Wednesday for the next episodes of Pinky in Wonderland, and tomorrow for another episode of Beary Poppins!

Panda On
Bob T Panda

31 Days of Pandas: Day 12

Once again, we have a smidge of hope, as those bad boys and girls in black over at The Supremes smacked down the suit by the Texas AG, which thought that since they didn’t like the voting results in PA, WI, MI, & GA, that they should get to call the entire states votes invalid and appoint Mittens Electors, neener, neener, neener!

Yeah…no…it doesn’t work that way. 

Oh tidings of treason and greed. Sad that 3 years later this ‘toon is still even more accurate.

Let’s have some more memories from the Mittens Reign of Terror…

Clear as mud!

alternative facts

Hey! Why are you making another character of questionable ethics a CAT???

How many people noticed their language got a bit saltier over the last 4 years?

Well *bleep* and take your *bleep* and stick it *bleep*!!!!

Is there no end to our misery?

Panda ON!!!
Bob T Panda

31 Days of Pandas: Day 11

TGIF!!! Let’s have some more 101 Bebe Panda-Nation!

Will Pinky save the day?

How about that! Pinky DID save the day!

Happy New Year’s Eve and a (Im)peachy New Year!

Be the Bear!
Bob T Panda

31 Days Of Pandas: Day 10

I’m afraid I have failed you. I do not have the next installment of Beary Poppins ready for you. They are in progress, but well…I just didn’t get it done. Sorry sorry sorry.

But I will have them done next week, and will try very hard to get a little ahead again…It’s just I have needed so many naps! And…I did do this:

The Frank and Mikey burning 2020 dumpster Diorama! Complete with artfully hand stenciled habitat and burning marshmallows!

But now, let’s just have the next several episodes of 101 Bebe Panda-Nation!

Inspector Panda has arrived! He’ll…um…solve everything!

Where is Babette taking them?

Cue the scary music!!!!

Oh no! What will happen next???? Toon in tomorrow!!!

Be the Bear!
Bob T Panda

31 Days of Pandas: Day 9 ~ 101 Bebe Panda-Nation Continues…

On Monday, we left our story just as Mei Xiang and Tian left for a holiday party, instructing Pinky, who was babysitting the small pandas, NOT to open the door to anyone!

Of course, Pinky paid no attention whatsoever…

Uh oh.

When trouble arrives, it’s time to call for some MEIHEM!!!!!

This may be a job for…Inspector Panda!!!!

Uh oh! When it’s time to call for Inspector Panda….

Be the Bear!
Bob T deck the halls Panda

31 Days of Pandas: Day 8 ~ Beary Poppins Returns!

I don’t know about you, but one of my reactions to extreme stress is taking lots of naps… so…um…if more episodes of Beary Poppins are *delayed* I hope you’ll cut me some slack. But never fear, no matter how slow the ink pen is skating over the page, there is plenty of 31 Days of Pandas content to fill the void. Huzzah!

But no point in worrying about that for now, as we DO have a brand new episode of Beary Poppins all ready to go, coming right up. Hopefully it will take our minds off the fact that the Minions of Mittens are trying to ACTUALLY steal the election, while claiming that the Democrats are trying to steal it by *gasp* counting actual votes. Please make it stop.

Meanwhile at the Panda House…

I think Biscuit and Beary Poppins are forming a real bond!

A Note on Daily Panda Deals…

I’m finding I just don’t have the bandwidth right now to figure out what I have and write copy to let you know. That said, I have lots of pins and patches (except for Pinky) a few pairs of socks, and lots of Washi Tape, so if you think you would like some of it, just send me a message via the Contact Me form (rather than comments) and we can play let’s make a deal!

Be the Bear
Bob T Panda