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Twinkies 2.0

Lun Lun is now the reigning Hero Mom Rock Star of the U.S. pandas, bypassing previous record holder Bai Yun of San Diego by the – some would say nefarious dirty trick- of having not one, but TWO sets of twins, for a seven cubby total lifetime achievement award!  I never got to actually meet the Meihems, Well, we are not going to let that happen again, so I have made plans to meet the Twinkles 2.0 this very month! Stay tuned for a report, but in the meantime…

Here’s how they are preparing to meet their most ardent fans!

Twinkies 2.0

Twinkies 2.0 put on a show!

As you may know (because I’ve been shamelessly promoting it) my new book is out and people are actually buying it! Don’t get left out of the panda fun! Get your copy of The Panda Chronicles Book 7: don’t call mee boo boo! NOW! Thank you for your support!

The seventh book of The Panda Chronicles Series

Panda On!
Bob T Panda

Bunny Magic

Recently I made the discovery that ALL baby pandas get their own personal stuffed bunny during their naming day parties. Okay. Maybe I didn’t “discover” this fact, as much as…um…make it up. An alternative fact for the good of all baby pandas everywhere. I’m not sure whether all the bunnies are magic or not. They certainly seem to be, but whether this is the result of magic wand intervention, or whether the the bunnies are magic from the beginning. Hopefully, all will be revealed in the fullness of time. Or something like that. After all, Mr. Wu had magical bunny slippers in The Wizard of Wu. (An exclusive feature length story that appears in The Book of Wu) 

The question remains: should baby pandas be given magical wands?


Baby pandas need their own magic bunnies to look out for them. We R endangered, you know.

Meanwhile, stay tuned for updates about the availability of The Panda Chronicles Book7! Coming soon!

Panda on!
Bob T Panda

Brave New Pandas

Okay. Laugh if you want, but there really is a panda convention. And no, we don’t ALL dress up like pandas. But if there is one thing panda fans love, it’s going to visit actual pandas, and talking  about pandas. Do we know how to have a good time or what? Of course, if you are here reading these ‘toons, chances are you are one of those people who stalk pandas at every given opportunity! Be brave and admit it. It’s okay, you’re among friends here.

And of course, there will be cuppycakes, right, Leslie?


Oh, brave new world, with such pandas in it!

Update on the next collection of the Panda Chronicles: I finally successfully uploaded the files (yay!) …always the most stressful part. Now I’m waiting for them to approve my files so I can order a hard copy proof! Stay tuned for a cover reveal next week! Huzzah!

Panda on!
Bob T Panda

The Year of the Rooster Really

I jumped the gun on Friday. Not really, because Saturday was the actual start of Chinese New Year, and this is the year of the Red Fire Rooster, or as one of the special friends to pandas, Lucilla T. has dubbed it, the Year of the WUster!!!!!! (Referring, of course, to everybody’s favorite panda, Mr. Wu of the San Diego panda clan.) (Okay, I know I am about to get a lot of heat here about who is the best panda ebber. Let’s just say I have a thing for the Wu Self and leave it at that.)

And if you are looking for a special recipe for your celebrations, hop on over to Vicky Vladic’s blog VSomethingSpeaks for a yummy chicken recipe. That’s if you’d rather eat your rooster, rather than party with it.

Meanwhile, here is my actual new ‘toon commemorating the Year of the Rooster!


It’s the year of the WUster!!!!

Panda On!
Bob T Panda

BTW, you’ll notice I did not lead with political outrage, although, trust me, it’s still there and getting worse every day. I just read a recent article on Medium about how to remain outraged without losing your mind. I highly recommend it! I already knew I was going to intersperse snarky political ‘toons with lighter panda fare, and this article confirmed we need to do both, in order to keep our sanity, not burn out, but also not let important crimes against humanity go unremarked. It’s getting very interesting out there. As in train wreck interesting, not fluffy kittens interesting.