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The Wu-Stravaganza Continues!!!!!

We continue to rend our garments and bang our heads onto our desks as we contemplate the departure of Mr. Wu and his Mom, Bai Yun, from sunny Pandiego to China. I am somewhat comforted by my knowledge of the panda estates (aka panda bases, panda ranches, etc) good care of pandas, especially those who return from the US. Also, Bai Yun is a total rock star in the world of captive born Chinese pandas because she was the first successful captive born panda at Wolong, and had the first successful captive pregnancy in the US. She now has grandchildren and (someone correct me if I’m wrong) great grandchildren around the globe.

So let’s continue with our celebration of all things Wu-self, from the days when he ruled supreme in US panda cubby-hood (till you know who-and I don’t mean Mittens came along the following year!)

Read on to the end for a sneak peek at the upcoming Bubba Pin design, for our NEW Kickstarter campaign which I’m hoping to launch sometime this week!

But now, let’s WUUP it up with Mr. Wu!

Don’t you love “rear shots” of baby pandas?

It is so hard for a small panda to prevail….

Whatever could be in the box the panda kindergarten is delivering to Mr. Wu?

Will the panda kindergarten get it put together before Bai Yun gets home?

“Up in the Air, Junior Pandas…”

Nothing like a snappy graphic to um…solve a problem!

May Day! May Day!

Mr wu’s cousin, da Sooperpanna, appears courtesy of Bruce Sebring, creator of the Sooperpanna Chronicles

Bet ya didn’t see this coming…or maybe you did.

You’ve been waiting and asking, and finally, here it is! I’m getting ready to launch another Kickstarter project in my Panda Chronicles Pin Series, this time starring Bubba. I spent a bunch of time designing a pin, which I decided wouldn’t work at pin scale, and then someone suggested that I already had the perfect Bubba drawing, and lo and behold, I was able to do a little resign work to turn it into the perfect pin design.

Whaddya think?

So very Bubba, right? Finished size about 1 3/8″ wide by 1 1/8″ high

To get up to the minute notification of the project’s launch, go HERE and click the “Follow Along” button and enter your email. If you missed getting a Pinky pin, there will be a limited number of Pinky pins available and you can get them both at the same time!

UPDATE: I completed work on the Kickstarter project, submitted it for review, and was approved to launch!!!!! Get ready…get set…Launch will be Tuesday April 9th at NOON PDT¬†Wanna see a PREVIEW? ūüôā You can’t pledge yet, but you can see what we at The Institute for Contemporary Panda Satire has in store for you!

Panda on!
Bob T Panda

It’s Fabulous Furry Friday, I think…

It’s Friday, the empire is crumbling before our very eyes, and I just had cake, although it didn’t have frosting, so I guess we can say that it’s all coming out pretty much even, right?


Oh heck! let’s look at some vintage pandas!

mr wu speaks out.

Is this a personality or what?

Yun Zi leaves for China

There’s no place like home…

Yun Zi leaves his San Diego Home for China

Leaving the nest is never easy.

No nonsense to be found here!

I smell frosting!

I have extra frosting!

Well, that’s all I got for you today. The news from the home of our nation’s first panda family is all kinds of crazy. You can find me…well…hopefully they can’t find me…hanging out with pandas

Be the bear, every one!
Bob T Panda

Day 31: It’s a WUnderful Life – Episode Nine

Oh my! It is not only the last episode of Mr Wu’s most recent adventure, but it is the last day of the year, and even more importantly, the last day of 2013’s 31 Days of Pandas!!!!! Huzzah. ¬†Well, not Huzzah! that daily pandas are coming to an end, but Huzzah! that I managed not to miss a single day of NEW cartoons, every stinkin’ day!

Huzzah! Here are some 31 Days of Pandas¬†statistics that I find interesting in my own pandy little way: There are 245 (plus or minus a panda here and there) drawings of pandas within these 31+ drawings. That is more than an 800% increase over the original year of 30 days of pandas. ¬†(someone might want to check my math on that one.) ¬†There was an average of over 1500 page views per week during the month. Huzzah! ¬†I know that’s not quite the big leagues, but it sure beats the heck out of the early days when 10 views was a really big day for the pandas.

There is much panda-ing in store for 2014. Pandas kept me going through 2013, which quite frankly, felt like a year long Friday the 13th, if you want to know the truth. But enough about that! Let’s have the final episode of It’s a WUnderful Life!

It's a Wonderful Life, parody

Yay! The heartwarming schmoopy ending!

And here’s a little bonus, especially for those of you who have joined the panda fun here at The Institute for Contemporary Panda Satire recently: The Panda Kindergarten’s New Year’s Eve!

new years eve party, panda kindergarten

The panda kindergarten at their best…or is that worst?

Be the Bear, and thanks for stopping by!
Bob T. Panda.

See ya next year!

#Day 28 It’s a WUnderful Life: Episode 6

It just gets worser and worser. But have faith, it will get better…um..eventually!

The year is winding down as well, and I am starting to look forward to all that is ahead for the pandas in 2014. ¬†I plan to make some announcements in my January Newsletter, so if you haven’t yet signed up for that, and want to be the first to know all the panda satire plans for the year, now is a good time to sign up. ¬†Just fill out the handy form “Get even MORE pandas” near the top of the righthand column.

And now, we bring you episode six of It’s a WUnderful Life! Huzzah!

It's a Wonderful Life Parody

Those darn cats!

Be the Bear!
Bob T. Panda

Day 27: It’s a WUnderful Life, episode five

Oh poor Mr Wu…it is finally beginning ¬†to dawn on him, just HOW awful a world with no new panda cubs could be. And isn’t that a great segue into a word from one of our sponsors?

As we reach the end of the year, many organizations are filling the airways and our mailboxes with appeals for end of the year tax deductible donations.  Please indulge me in making a plug for one of my favorites, Pandas International. Despite the fact that I spend most of my time here making fun of pandas and putting them in situations where you would not find a real panda, Pandas International has long been a follower and supporter of my work. Go Figure! So as you make your decisions on charitable contributions in the waning days of 2013, consider lending a paw to Pandas International.  After all, without pandas, there could be no panda satire.

And now, on with the show and the next thrilling episode of, It’s a WUnderful Life!

it's a wonderful life parody

You won’t like this, Mr Wu!

I hope you will continue to stay tuned for the next four episodes of It’s a WUnderful life! We have much pandaful stuff in store for you next year, which we hope you will stay tuned for. ¬†2014 is going to be the year of the panda!

Be the Bear,
Bob T. Panda

Day 21: The wait is over! the finale of the Wizard of Wu

Hard to believe this adventure started all the way back in September, but there you have it! It’s all over but the flashbacks! And now, for the final episode of The Wizard of Wu!

finale of wizard of wu

All well that ends well. Now let’s have some cuppycakes!!!

See, I told you that I wouldn’t do anything dastardly to Mr Wu. ¬†But will we let Mr Wu just relax at home and eat cuppycakes and drink hot cocoa with his mom and the twinkies (not to mention Princess Pinky, who is NOT a bear to be messed with!)?

No, we will not! Tune in Monday for episode 1 of It’s a WUnderful Life, starring, (of course,) Mr wu and all your favorite pandas!

And if you haven’t bought YOUR copies of all the Panda Chronicles books, what are ya waiting for? They make great presents for anyone on your gift list (including yourself!)

31 days of pandas continues tomorrow!

Be the Bear
Bob T. Panda

Day 20: The penultimate episode of the Wizard of Wu

That’s right Wu-self fans! It is the next to the last episode of our epic tale, The Wizard of Wu, brought to you by the panda loving fans here at The Institute for Contemporary Panda Satire!

Huzzah! If you have enjoyed this feature presentation of The Wizard of Wu, you can sign up for our every once in a while newsletter and get for your very own self, a pdf version of the entire story. all in one place! Huzzah! (coming in our January newsletter!) Or you can wait till next spring when we publish the collection of Mr Wu cartoons, tentatively titled: The Panda Chronicles Book 4: The Book of Wu, which will contain cartoons from the time Mr Wu was a little tiny panda and  all of his feature adventure stories! Signing up for the newsletter means you will be among the very first to know when this book is published!

Okay, enough with the commercials already! Bring Me Mr Wu!

Return to the wizard

Don’t mess with Princess Pinky!

Okay, how many of you were expecting that little plot twist? One more episode to go and then we will be moving on to that favorite holiday classic, It’s a WUnderful Life! Starring Mr Wu, Bee, ¬†the bear, and many of your favorite pandas! ¬†*“Every time a bell rings, a panda gets a cuppycake!”¬†

till tomorrow,
Be the Bear,
Bob T. Panda

* this brilliant line was provided by panda friend and cuppycake baker extraordinaire, Vicky Vladic.  Thank you!

Day 19: O-REEE-O, and CUUUppycakes, O-REEE-O….

Mr Wu is in the thick of it now! Captured by the Panda Kindergarten, who are under the evil spell of the wicked witch (played brilliantly by Mehitabel the cat, if we do say so ourselves,) and it looks like there is…



escape from the wicked witch

Well,lookee here! isn’t that….?

Ha ha! Oh that Princess PinkY! What will she do next?  Stay tuned for the next two episodes of The Wizard of Wu!


Be the Bear
Bob T. Panda

Day 13: Oh no, It’s Friday the 13th!!!!!

Oh, they are back in the soup now! And on Friday the 13th to boot!

Wizard of Oz spoof

But we’ve come such a long way already….Bwahahaha!

I have NO idea how they are going to get out of this dilemma! (OK, not really, but I’m trying to build some dramatic tension here!)

And since it is Fabulous Furry Friday (the 13th!!!!) here are some encore presentations of some seasonal pandas!

Day 17...Naughty or Nice?  you decide!

Day 17…Naughty or Nice? you decide!

'Tis the Season!

‘Tis the Season!

babette at radio city music hall

Babette de Panda, celebrating the season at Radio City Music Hall, in the company of her good friend Frances A….

…which serves as a reminder of how much fun YOU can have with panda paper dolls! (And a kind of cheesy reminder that there will be more outfits for Princess Pinky and the Twins coming up this weekend! Huzzah!

A big pandy thanks to all of you who have bought books this month, a portion of which will be sent to Pandas International (huzzah!) to support actual panda stuff! But don’t stop now! Perhaps more people on your christmas list would enjoy one or more of The Panda Chronicles books! Visit our book page here.

Another big pandy thanks to all who have supported Whidbey Life Magizine’s print project on Indiegogo. ¬†You guys are the bears!



Day 12:: Knock, Knock, who’s there? Mr Wu’s Adventure continues….

…Panda- Panda Who?

Boy was that lame. ¬†Let’s just get to the cartoon, shall we?

Xiao Liwu gets a bath

Are you SURE you weren’t in an earlier scene?

Oh my! whatever will happen next? ¬†Another episode of The Wizard of Wu is coming up tomorrow! Huzzah! and maybe a bonus encore presentation ‘toon or two as well. ¬†But don’t put away that laptop for the weekend. 31 days of Pandas is serious about bring you pandas every day this month.

And there will be much panda fun and new projects to come in the new year! Sign up for my free…um…mostly monthly newsletter so you don’t miss a single panda,The newsletter sign-up form is in the right hand column, second from the top.

Be the Bear!
Bob T. Panda