Day 12:: Knock, Knock, who’s there? Mr Wu’s Adventure continues….

…Panda- Panda Who?

Boy was that lame.  Let’s just get to the cartoon, shall we?

Xiao Liwu gets a bath

Are you SURE you weren’t in an earlier scene?

Oh my! whatever will happen next?  Another episode of The Wizard of Wu is coming up tomorrow! Huzzah! and maybe a bonus encore presentation ‘toon or two as well.  But don’t put away that laptop for the weekend. 31 days of Pandas is serious about bring you pandas every day this month.

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Be the Bear!
Bob T. Panda

6 thoughts on “Day 12:: Knock, Knock, who’s there? Mr Wu’s Adventure continues….

  1. Karen Gulledge

    I noticed Wu Wu is no longer wearing the magical bunny slippers. Oh no … did the wicked witch steal them already? How will he get home?

    1. Panda in Chief Post author

      Um…I think this is one of those places that the “continuity department” fell down on the job. All I can say is “oops”. Perhaps they fell off in the frosting, but were recovered by Mr Toasty (who is VERY responsible) and they will re-appear tomorrow and henceforth. Thanks for catching that. It’s part of the downside of trying to get more ‘toons out faster.

    1. Panda in Chief Post author

      They are both pretty scary, IMHO. I’m thinking Mr wu would lean in favor of the bath wielding Monster Mommy as being scarier.

  2. Karen Gulledge

    No worries. I had a feeling that’s what happened since the slippers are a special part of the story … at least the version I’m familiar with. I’m amazed that you can come up with such funny cartoons all the time, and each Panda with a personality all his or her own. I’m enjoying each and every day of your panda cartoons.Thank you!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Panda in Chief Post author

      I’m planning on going back this weekend and do a “digital fix” and put the slippers back on, because it IS such an important part of the story. Thanks again for catching it.
      It’s been really fun for me to develop each character, and giving myself a challenge of coming up with a cartoon a day gets my brain and creativity moving. (in a good way.) It’s a great way to stretch my abilities.


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