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Day 11 The Wizard of Wu Continues…

…Good thing the action has become slightly less scary, at least for a little bit. Fans of Mr Wu’s latest adventure will be happy to know (well, maybe not…maybe you LIKE waiting a whole week between episodes) that we will be featuring Mr. Wu’s adventure on most weekdays, until it’s over, in order to bring you another short holiday theme Wu-self-story.


the good witch saves Wu and Co.

Good witch Bee, the Bear, to the rescue!

And just another gentle reminder to check out Whidbey Life Magazine’s Indiegogo project! In the meantime, keep being the bear! More Wu-venture this week!

Bob T. Panda

Look out Mr Toasty! It’s Mr Wu Wednesday….

…and we are back with episode 12 of The Wizard of Wu! Huzzah!

But before we get to that, let me give you a few hints about what is to come in the next month. A couple of years ago, I was inspired by Kevan Atteberry‘s 31 days of monsters in October. So, I …um…”borrowed” the idea and did 30 days of pandas in November, in honor of Zoo Atlanta’s panda Po, for his first birthday. I added one panda a day to a single drawing, and everyone had fun figuring out where the next panda would go, and just when  the birthday boy was going to appear.

So last year, I changed it to December and did 31 days of pandas, which let me tell you was an over 600% increase in the number of pandas that I ended up drawing. What was I thinking?

I was thinking I would do it again! So hold onto your panda hats and get ready for another 31 days of pandas, starting on Sunday…(note to self…get some ideas of what to do next month) If you are signed up for my newsletter, you may have noticed that I didn’t get around to last month’s newsletter, but I will definitely send one early in December, with news about some upcoming panda projects that I have up my…um…paws.

And now would I just shut the heck up and post the %#**& cartoon already?

Mehitabel soaks Mr Toasty

Sorry, no photo bomb from princess Pinky. her mother thought todays cartoon was too scary for her

See you on Fabulous furry Friday with a recap of our story so far!

Be the Bear
Bob T. Panda

It’s Mr Wu Wednesday! Look out Mr Wu!

This is the part in the movie version, that stars the girl and a dog, where I put my head under the covers and don’t come out till…well, you know, the end part where Dorothy finds out it was all a dream.

We did promise that there would be no flying monkeys, but we didn’t promise that it wouldn’t be scary.  Just sayin’

Mr Wu hears a cry for help

Are you SURE there will be no flying monkeys?

The adventure continues!

Be the Bear

Bob T. Panda



It’s Mr Wu Wednesday, and Mr Wu is off on a NEW adventure!

If you haven’t guessed already, we are calling Mr. Wu’s new adventure, The Wizard of Wu! I can’t tell you exactly how it is all going to come out (I am after all a “pantser”*) but I can tell you that Mr Wu makes it home safely in the end, and learns a valuable lesson.  I promised Doxiemom that there would be no flying monkeys, but I’m afraid the pandy kindy has stepped in to fill that role.

And remember, it’s all make believe.

We're in for it now, Binky!

We’re in for it now, Binky!

Tune in again next Wednesday to see the next exciting episode of The Wizard of Wu!  (and of course, don’t forget Fabulous Furry Friday and Multiple choice Monday!)

Be the Bear

Bob T. Panda

*Pantser: A writer that does not outline a story, but flies by the seat of their pants!  (I have no idea where that expression comes from.  Anyone know?

It’s Mr Wu Wednesday and the plot thickens……

Oh my…we have made Mr. Wu’s mother cry, and we are very sorry about that. (Perhaps not as sorry as we will be if she gets her paws on us, but never mind about that now!) Today she springs into action and brings in help from a very um… reputable source:

This is a case for...Inspector Panda!

This is a case for…Inspector Panda!

Can Inspector Panda solve the case?  Will Yun Zi eat his brother’s dessert while Mr. Wu is “away?” Will Mr. Wu wow the crowds as the Flying Wuzini at Le Cirque du Pandet? Tune in next week to read the next exciting installment of Bears Under the Big Top!

Till then, Be the Bear!

Bob T. Panda

It may be Monday, but the story continues…

Editors note: I realize I may seem to be capricious and uncareful with the cute wu self…sending him off with the panda kindergarten in the middle of the night.  Perhaps an all-Wu-all-the-time cartoon line up on Mondays and Wednesdays will keep you all from tar-and-feathering me.  Maybe?

"Are we there, yet?"

“Are we there, yet?”


Come back on Wednesday and see what happens next…

Be the Bear!

Bob T. Panda