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It’s OctoBEAR!!!

Fat Bear Week continues, but even more importantly, It’s OctoBEAR and that means Halloweenie! And as I previously mentioned, that means for the next couple of Sunday’s we will be having our annual special encore presentation of The Wizard of Wu!

So let’s get started, shall we?

The Wizard of Wu Part 1
We’re in for it now, Binky!
Hang on to your hats, kids, it’s gonna be a bumpy ride!
I don’t think we’re in Pandiego any more, Binky….
What could be waiting outside? Where the heck ARE we, Binky?

Toon in next week for the next installment of The Wizard of Wu!

Be the Bear!
Bob T Panda

A Reminder for the Holiday Season

USPS has made plans to slow down deliveries…why? Because they can, also Louie De, so if you are planning to order pandas for the holidays, order early, so they can actually get to you on time. After last years debacle (at least one priority mail package mailed on December 7 did not arrive until January 10th-ish.) I would rather not mail any packages after December 1st. Right now I have a fairly relaxed production schedule, so unless it’s a big order, I can still get pandas done in a week or so.

It’s Mr Wu Wednesday, and Mr Wu is off on a NEW adventure!

If you haven’t guessed already, we are calling Mr. Wu’s new adventure, The Wizard of Wu! I can’t tell you exactly how it is all going to come out (I am after all a “pantser”*) but I can tell you that Mr Wu makes it home safely in the end, and learns a valuable lesson.  I promised Doxiemom that there would be no flying monkeys, but I’m afraid the pandy kindy has stepped in to fill that role.

And remember, it’s all make believe.

We're in for it now, Binky!

We’re in for it now, Binky!

Tune in again next Wednesday to see the next exciting episode of The Wizard of Wu!  (and of course, don’t forget Fabulous Furry Friday and Multiple choice Monday!)

Be the Bear

Bob T. Panda

*Pantser: A writer that does not outline a story, but flies by the seat of their pants!  (I have no idea where that expression comes from.  Anyone know?