The Wu-Stravaganza Continues!!!!!

We continue to rend our garments and bang our heads onto our desks as we contemplate the departure of Mr. Wu and his Mom, Bai Yun, from sunny Pandiego to China. I am somewhat comforted by my knowledge of the panda estates (aka panda bases, panda ranches, etc) good care of pandas, especially those who return from the US. Also, Bai Yun is a total rock star in the world of captive born Chinese pandas because she was the first successful captive born panda at Wolong, and had the first successful captive pregnancy in the US. She now has grandchildren and (someone correct me if I’m wrong) great grandchildren around the globe.

So let’s continue with our celebration of all things Wu-self, from the days when he ruled supreme in US panda cubby-hood (till you know who-and I don’t mean Mittens came along the following year!)

Read on to the end for a sneak peek at the upcoming Bubba Pin design, for our NEW Kickstarter campaign which I’m hoping to launch sometime this week!

But now, let’s WUUP it up with Mr. Wu!

Don’t you love “rear shots” of baby pandas?

It is so hard for a small panda to prevail….

Whatever could be in the box the panda kindergarten is delivering to Mr. Wu?

Will the panda kindergarten get it put together before Bai Yun gets home?

“Up in the Air, Junior Pandas…”

Nothing like a snappy graphic to um…solve a problem!

May Day! May Day!

Mr wu’s cousin, da Sooperpanna, appears courtesy of Bruce Sebring, creator of the Sooperpanna Chronicles

Bet ya didn’t see this coming…or maybe you did.

You’ve been waiting and asking, and finally, here it is! I’m getting ready to launch another Kickstarter project in my Panda Chronicles Pin Series, this time starring Bubba. I spent a bunch of time designing a pin, which I decided wouldn’t work at pin scale, and then someone suggested that I already had the perfect Bubba drawing, and lo and behold, I was able to do a little resign work to turn it into the perfect pin design.

Whaddya think?

So very Bubba, right? Finished size about 1 3/8″ wide by 1 1/8″ high

To get up to the minute notification of the project’s launch, go HERE and click the “Follow Along” button and enter your email. If you missed getting a Pinky pin, there will be a limited number of Pinky pins available and you can get them both at the same time!

UPDATE: I completed work on the Kickstarter project, submitted it for review, and was approved to launch!!!!! Get ready…get set…Launch will be Tuesday April 9th at NOON PDT Wanna see a PREVIEW? 🙂 You can’t pledge yet, but you can see what we at The Institute for Contemporary Panda Satire has in store for you!

Panda on!
Bob T Panda

4 thoughts on “The Wu-Stravaganza Continues!!!!!

  1. seaglostinthesouth

    So very Bubba. I have always been happy 😊 for MommeeMei that although Bubba is dressed similar to the televising character known as Dennis the Menace his personality and activities are his own. I think 🤔 that Mei might be overwhelmed by boy cub like Dennis along with self-confidence Pinky brings to the family dynamic. The Bubba pin is sure perfection. Thank you for for giving us the opportunity to acquire piece of The Panda Chronicle.

    1. Panda in Chief Post author

      Pinky is much more like Dennis the Menace than Bubba ever will be, stripes shirt aside! That was one of my favorite childhood comics. Calvin (of calvin and Hobbes) also wears a stripy shirt. So, in fact, does Linus Van Pelt from peanuts. So, small boys in stripy shirts are a tradition in comics.
      Glad you like the Bubba pin! I am quite excited myself.
      Stay tuned on Tuesday!

  2. Aimee W

    The Book of Wu is my favorite. To not be able to tune in on the Pandiego Panda cam to see his cuteness … 🙁 . Love the Bubba pin. Can’t wait to get it.

    1. Panda in Chief Post author

      I know. And they don’t have very good panda cam coverage for specific returned US pandas there. But I do think he’ll be well cared for, and of course, we’ll always have the Book of Wu. (also my favorite-don’t tell Pinky)


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