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Whew! Peel me off the ceiling!

Let’s start today’s post with a rousing cheer for all of you who supported me in my Kickstarter campaign to make the FIRST Panda Chronicles collector series pin!

Huzzah!!!!!! But now, let’s check in on the newest RED Panda babies at the Woodland Park Zoo…

Wee are pandas too!!!!

And now…Some final thoughts on my pin project…

I’m very excited that we had such a huge success, and reached the minimum amount needed to do the project, (on the FIRST DAY!!!), with a couple of add ons, to make them even more pandarific!: A printed card on which the pins will be mounted on AND, a stamp will be made for the back, that I can continue to use as I do more pins from this same manufacturer.

You might wonder why I choose the Kickstarter platform to do my projects and the main reason is this: I am a one person operation, with all sorts of plates and balls (and sometimes roaring chainsaws) in the air at the same time. The thing I love to do most is to make art and write and draw pandas (and engage in a liddle panda improv on twidder and fezbook) Soooo, if I can condense the ordering and fulfillment time into a short, finite period, it means I can spend most of my time making art, and a shorter, more focused time getting it to you.

This is also why coming up with an assortment of products (tee-shirts! Pillows! Jewelry! Phone covers!) doesn’t work very well in a one person shop. Turning my studio into a warehouse of products takes space and time, not to mention the product development and fulfillment research time. (Not to mention money.) One of my goals for this year is to develop my Redbubble shop so that those more varied products ARE available, but I won’t have to make, store, or ship them.

I like using Kickstarter to develop ideas that don’t exist in the instant order world of places like Cafe Press and Red Bubble. It allows me to design (fun!!!) and have someone produce the pins, and know that I have enough interest to make the project viable.

I’m really excited to get these pins in your hands. I’m hoping to design a new pin about every two months and I hope you’ll like the first ones enough to collect the whole set! Your enthusiastic response allows me to get some extra pins, so that a couple times a year, I can have special pin set sales (once there are enough pins to make sets!) and as new followers jump on the panda train, I’ll have previously made pins so that people can have all of them, at least till they’re all gone!

Thank all of you who supported this project, once again! I hope you’ll let me know who YOU think should have the honor of being on the next pin!

Thanks for Being the Bears,
Bob T Panda

Pinky pin! #ClapLouder


The Scandals Keep Mounting…

Will we ever see the end of this? Voter suppression, lies from what should be trusted government spokespersons, feeding and ramping up the fears of the American public.

But where traumas and tribulations are rampant, pandas ride in to save the day. With humor, at least. That’s something, isn’t it?

Before we get to today’s ‘toon, I want to tell you about a little project I have in mind. A couple years ago, Kickstarter came up with a concept for small projects for the month of January. The idea is that you create a project with rewards limited to 100 “things”, so there is only 1 reward level.

I’ve been thinking about this for a year, and doing some sketches.  There have been some great enameled pins being designed by artists, and I think a series of Panda Chronicles pins would be a great addition to the pins that are now available. Depending on the response for this pin, I can do additional projects with additional images. I

I bet you want to know what the pin will look like…

Of course, Pinky demanded to be on the first pin. Proposed size, approximately 1 inch high by 3/4 inch wide.

Please feel free to share your comments, let me know if this is something you might be interested in. I’m working now on setting up the project over on Kickstarter, and plan to go live around the middle of January, with a 2 week funding period. (not much time, I know!) More information will follow soon!

Meanwhile, here are Tuesday’s pandas!

Is there no end to our misery? The chill of voter suppression can’t be alleviated by putting on a sweater!

Panda on, Panda on!
Bob T Panda

Here We Are! 2019…Is it any better yet?

Hmmm…not so that I can tell. There is a great essay by Anne Lamott, about not making pointless resolutions for the new year, like…um…losing weight. Pandas are gonna panda, am I right? And part of being pandy is…um…being pandy, so enough with that!

That said, I do like to make goals every year, primarily to focus myself on the work I want to accomplish during the year. I only occasionally look at my list once I’ve written it, but I find the act of writing things down, with a pen on paper, and sharing them with another artist friend of mine in our annual ritual, does help me keep on track. And when I do revisit the list, I find that I have done much of it.

Haven’t sat down to do my list yet, but here are some things that I want to put on it

Visit the San Diego Pandas. (plans are already in the making and execution)
Close down my Pandyland store on Cafe Press and get my one on RedBubble up and running
Compile and publish the next edition of the Panda Chronicles books. This will be Book 9!
Do a January “100 things” Kickstarter. I have an idea, & it involves panda stuff! More soon!
Paint and garden like a tornado
Get back to work on the manuscript/storyboards for books 3 & 4 of The Pandyland Mysteries,  my graphic novel series, as yet unpublished, but when it is, I am going to be so ready to keep it moving.

I’m also going to tweak the schedule here a bit…

New cartoons will post on Tuesdays and Thursdays, at a little later in the morning than I have been posting them. Encore presentations will appear on Sundays instead of Fridays. Other than than, everything will be exactly the same. (Except with maybe some indictments and more resignations from the Mittens WH) Pinky will still torment her brother; Bubba will still strain the seems of his overalls. mei xiang will despair of ever getting Pinky to behave, and Mehitabel will still rule from her heavenly post. You’ll get used to it.

But now, I think Mei Xiang finally has Pinky’s New Year’s resolutions compiled!

Bubba: my resolution was just to chew my food more, an’ mebbee not eat so much frosting.
Ping: ping!

Panda on!
Bob T panda



31 Days of Pandas: Day 30~It’s almost over!

What a great 31 Days of Pandas this has been! I hope you’ve had fun and that at least for a few moments you forgot about the complete s*#*show was going on in our nation’s capitol. Oh…um..sorry. I didn’t mean to remind you.

Hey! Look over there! Pandas!

Sad Turtle, Too Much McConnell has much to answer for.

Wasn’t there something during the campaign of 2016 about NOT using private emails and devices?

Love in the Time of Mittens (which, quite frankly, is a lot like the time of cholera)

And finally, we end up where we began this panda-fun month!

31 Days of Pandas. You know you want this!

We all kind of feel like this, Pinky.

Panda like it’s 1999!
Bob T Panda

31 days of Pandas: Day 21: Year in Review/ July

Oh my, where has the year gone? Here we are, up to July already, and more than 2/3 of the way through 31 Days of Pandas!

Let’s get right to it! Time, Pandas, and Indictments wait for no man/woman/panda

This month, we learned what Bebe Maurice wanted to be!

Of COURSE he would be an artist!

We are pandas of mystery!

What grace! What form! Bebe Maurice is a painter to be reckoned with!

Of course, Bebe Maurice’s great-great-great-great-great-great-great grandmaman was none other than Mei Mei, who became known as Minette, or the mysterious Madame ‘P’

Portait of the mysterious “Madame ‘P’ “

In July, we also started the story of Zhen Zhen’s walk on the wild side!

Zhen Zhen

Adventures in Pandyland!

Panding On
Bob T Panda

The Traditions of the Senate

Huzzah for the wave of blue that has swept over the House. (If you are not happy about this, you might want to stop reading right here, or maybe even back up to the beginning of the sentence!) We may not be able to counter the so-called Senate traditions about who can or when they can nominate, say, a judge, for instance, while the sad turtle is in charge, we can slow down a few abuses of power, perhaps.

It’s looking like a blue tsunami to me!

Sad Turtle, Too Much McConnell has much to answer for.

Just a couple more days until 31 Days of Pandas! Are you ready? I’m getting there!

Panda On!
Be the Bear!

PS: Cheating is not winning.

One More Saturday Night (Massacre)

I wish I could take credit for planning this out so well, but really, it was sheer chance that I scheduled my “salute” to Richard Nixon this week, what with the anniversary of the Saturday Night Massacre happening just last week. (Saturday, October 20th being the date that Richard Nixon fired special prosecutor, Archibald Cox, to keep the Watergate investigation from moving forward.)

It didn’t work then and we hope that it won’t work now, but the only thing that can prevent it is…

…As many people voting as are eligible!

“And they called ME a crook!”

Now if those pesky Republicans would quit trying to suppress voting rights for people who are not…um…white Republicans, we would see what’s what.

Now would ya just get out there and VOTE???? (I voted today!)

Be the Bear!
Bob T Panda


Pinky in Wonderland Episode 17

Who in their right mind would want  to cross Pinky? Nobody, that’s who, but who said Mad Hatter Mittens is in his right mind?

Certainly not me!

What did we tell you?

Be the Bear!
Bob T Panda

Are you registered to VOTE?

Zhen Zhen Goes Walkabout

We have one more story we must address before we return to our feature presentation, Pinky in Wonderland! A few months ago, it was revealed that San Diego’s former panda princess, Zhen Zhen, aka Zoomie, was allowed free access to the wilder world, in hopes she would bring home a nice panda boy from a fine family. Or something like that.

So, what happens when pandas go walkabout?

Zhen Zhen

Adventures in Pandyland!

Stay tuned!

Viva les pandas!
Bob T Panda

The News Is Just Too Newsy Today

Won’t someone save us from all the news that keeps getting thrown at us from every direction? You Know Who (aka He Who Cannot Be Shamed) wants to start a fight with Canada? really?

I mean, if we are going to have world domination by a megalomaniac, it should be…


Pinky: i keep telling ebbryone you should have voted for me!

I mean, really…this kind of self serving rhetoric is kind of funny when a small, cartoon panda says it. The (Supposed) leader of the Free World? Um…not so much. I mean, you’d almost think You Know Who was getting his talking points from Pinky. I really don’t want to think about that.

Somebody, can’t we please just Panda On?
Bob T Panda

I guess we are going to have to feature our pandas to the north again on Fabulous Furry Friday to make sure Canada knows that sensible people still love them. (And would move there if we could!)