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Day 28 ~ 31 Days of Pandas

Oh my. We are almost at the end of the 2019 edition of 31 Days of Pandas. Recently, one of my readers asked how 31 Days of Pandas got started. Maybe what they actually asked was “What the heck were you THINKING!!!!????”

As I recall, the first year I did this, it was in November, and an illustrator friend had just completed A Monster a Day during the month of October. Another popular one-a-day art project for artists is Inktober, where people post a drawing a day during the month of October. While I have not participated, I’ve seen some great drawings posted for Inktober, and I think for those looking for a kick in the pants to do some regular drawing, I think it is a fine thing. Since making art is my day job, there is less of an incentive, and it feels like another thing on my lengthy “to do” list. Don’t let my attitude stop you from trying this!

My original 30 Days of Pandas was to create a drawing that every day, in honor of Po’s Birthday! I added a new panda to the drawing every day for a month. This turned out to be more work than I thought, as I had to re-scan the drawing every time I added a panda. It did turn out to be a really fun drawing, though!

Days one and two!

Day nine!

I think I need to have the ballon panda as something on Redbubble!

18 pandas

Day 18

day 25 -30 days of pandas

30 pandas day 28

Day 28

And the final image…

30 days of pandas - day 30

30 Days of Pandas!

I hope you enjoyed this look back at the origins of 31 days of Pandas!

Be the Bear!
Bob T Panda

X marks the spot

What X-citement we have had the month! Despite the X-erable weather and heck…I can’t hardly find any words that start with X without cheating. X-scuses, X-scuses…

Meanwhile, we are recovering from our X-hausting bout with yet another version of this winter’s cold and flu season.  On Wednesday we will be back with a new cartoon (a REALLY new cartoon!) and hopefully, we will resume our normal schedule of a new cartoon every Sunday and Wednesday, as well as an “encore presentation” for Fabulous Furry Fridays.

Thank you to all the A to Z-ers who came to visit this month.  I hope you will stick around and say hi from time to time.  There are some new blogs that I am now following, as well as a couple that I already followed.  Posting daily did not give me as much time as I had hoped for visiting other blogs, but with the list still accessible (yes?) I hope to rectify that situation.

And now, here are some X-cellent encore presentations.  (I’m X-cited about tomorrow, Y? Because, duh, Panda Yoga, hello?)

hey, are dere any more cuppycakes?

X-cessively bad taste

Mr Wu tries to take charge

X-treme jealousy

mr wu speaks out.

X-treme angst

And to all you folks out there that are thinking of launching your own crowdfunding project out there in the real world, my radio interview on Whidbey Air got rescheduled to next week, due to my sore throat and fever that I was X-periencing this weekend.  I’ll post the link here next Sunday so you can tune in, because it gonna be LIVE!!! See ya then!

Be the Bear
Bob T. Panda

Today is the day of “J”

In the words of a true fan of the pandas (OK and Mehitabel too,) “Cats are Jerks.”

Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the Jacuzzi….

What cats are reading at the beach this summer!

What cats are reading at the beach this summer!

Really, we can hardly wait till tomorrow when we can write about Kickstarter, the Panda Kindergarten and many other things that start with “K”  But that’s tomorrow.  Today is the day of “J”.  This one is for you, Jude.

Well, heck, everyone deserves an “off” day from the A to Z.  Here’s a few other cartoons to get you through the weekend.  (I’m going to take off tomorrow and post on Sunday instead, just sayin.)

I was framed!

sorry, Judge.

So much for those new navigation systems...or is it "nagagation systems"?

So much for those new navigation systems…or is it “nagagation systems”?

Nothing like the panda kindergarten, out for a joyride in their jalopy!

Nothing like the panda kindergarten, out for a joyride in their…um… Bob’s jalopy!

Be the bear!

Bob T. Panda

“I” is for Inspector Panda

Well, OF COURSE it is.

Inspector Panda, that insouciant investigator of illicit idiots, that ironic icon of mystery and intrigue, living the idyllic existence while idling indolently on islands of igneous rock, while inscribing on his ipand and listening to his ipawd, and of course, is in touch with his inner panda.

Gee, I like “I”,  which brings you today’s offering in the A to Z Challenge!

Inspector Panda, Bob T. Panda

..in which we introduce Inspector Panda….

inspector panda and cuppycake pushers

Inspector Panda says, “Know the signs of cuppycake dependency”

Inspector Panda has appeared in several of the panda stories, including Mr Wu Joins the Circus. I hope to start working on an extended Inspector Panda story soon.

This is a case for...Inspector Panda!

This is a case for…Inspector Panda!

I’ll be in touch!

Be the Bear,
Bob T. Panda



Humor and Heartbreak

Monday was harrowing. Hurtful things happened. Some can be put right, but others…not so much. Hours crept by in a darkened room, a habitat for heartbreak.

Light beams from a reflecting pool outside the window shimmered on the ceiling.  I imagine my friend, following them and being absorbed as pure light.


Goodbye….oh, “G” was yesterday. Today we go about the business of harvesting the hoopla, making headway, healing with humor. Some might think that humor is unseemly at a time like this. Hooey, I hypothesize. To heal, you must happen upon the things that help heal your heart. For me, that is humor and happiness, and of course, pandas. Jude loved the pandas, and more than that, she loved what they did for me. So, Panda On, I say. Somewhere, she is happy.

Today is brought to you by the letter “H”

As you know, pandas are big fans of Shakespeare.

As you know, pandas are big fans of Shakespeare.

Over at the A to Z….my pick of the day is The Ninja Librarian, because let’s face it, could anyone keep order in a library better than a ninja? Put that cell phone away NOW!!!!

Thank you again for all your kind words and comments.  My heart is still aching, but pandas, tea (OK, scotch) and sympathy work wonders.

Be the Bear,
Bob T. Panda


Grace notes

Grace notes….
Grace period…..
States of grace….


No, it’s not me who is leaving, but  I must step away from the funny business for a moment to say goodbye to one of my dearest of girlfriends. She departed this world yesterday evening. Now grief begins.

We had a grace period from when her cancer was first diagnosed two and a half years ago. We almost lost her one year ago, but strong and stubborn as she was, she fought her way back. The struggle is over, she had guts, she had moxie, she had true grit, she is…gone.

Go in grace.

goodbye my friend.

goodbye my friend. we will go on.

Be the bear
Bob T. Panda

“F” is for Forgetful

Finally a letter that is a feature of my life at the moment. As a fastidious furry friend once said, “I am smarter than the average bear” right before he stepped in front of a fast Ferrari and found his finale.

Fortunately, our fine fuzzy fictional princess is with fantastic and fabulous friends. They shall fly over the freeways at speeds not for the faint-hearted.  Meanwhile over at the A to Z, we find frenetic formulating of this fanciful format, as we fantasize about frosting. For Real.  My A to Z pick of the day is the Artsy Gourmet, who you can fine here!

Fast furry friends...for now

Fast furry friends…for now

This cartoon is based on the real life antics of the fickle fuzzy fractious panda princess as she explores the art of tree climbing.

Bob T. Panda

Are all Fridays Fabulous, or just Furry fridays?

The Weather Guessers are giving us one more day of good weather, and then we go back to life as we know it really to be here in the upper left hand corner. Yes, I’m talking about rain, and then perhaps some showers.


Next week Mr. Wu wraps up his big adventure, A Bear of the Air.  Just maybe I might have Mr. Wu Monday as well as Mr. Wu Wednesday.  Wouldn’t that be fun?  Also the threats from people who are getting tired of cliffhangers, well…let’s just say we hear you and feel your pain.

But until Monday, here are a couple of my favorites to entertain you for the weekend!

Be the Bears!

Bob, Bob, Bob...when will you ever learn?

Bob, Bob, Bob…when will you ever learn?

Mehitabel gets even.

Mehitabel gets even.

Love the hobby horse on a spring (inspired by a REAL photo of a REAL  panda on one.

Don’t you just love the panda kindergarten?

Have a great weekend!

Bob T. Panda



Bob’s Year in Review!

This is the time of year that we cleverly slack off creating any new material, (though in our defense, we probably drew more new cartoons this year than the last 2) and show some of our favorites in a lame, but effective, “year in review” format!  But don’t worry, we have new cartoons in the works that will start appearing in 2012!  The really great thing about  a lousy economy is that I need to cheer myself up with extra panda satirizing. Everybody wins!

Here’s one of my favorite cartoons of the year, starring the panda kindergarten, of course!

Halloween pandas

I especially like the little panda that uses toilet paper to make a mummy costume, but hey, that’s just the way I am!

And what would this year be without the introduction of Babette de Panda, panda child of Victory Schouten.  In Babette’s cartoon persona, she has learned much from her mentor and great Muppet friend, Miss Piggy.

cartoon soap opera

And of course, our 30 Pandas in 30 Days feature for the month of November! (Still available as a poster from Pandyland at Cafe Press!)

30 days of pandas

Be the Bear!

See you for more Year in Review tomorrow!

Bob T. Panda

Panda History

Just how did pandas arrive on an island in the north Puget Sound?  We, at the Institute for Contemporary Panda Satire provide for your edification, our theory of how this occurred. We repeat, this is a theory and is not to be construed as fact.

We’d also like to thank the “mysterious donor” to the Institute, of this beoooteeful banner which now graces our international headquarters.

Isn’t it splendid?

More panda fun is in the works and will be posted “soon.”

Be the Bear!

Bob T. Panda

PS: there is still time to get a 30 Days of Pandas poster from Cafe Press Pandyland store! See link to the right in the Panda Commerce division before Christmas.  What could be better than pandas under the tree!