Panda History

Just how did pandas arrive on an island in the north Puget Sound?  We, at the Institute for Contemporary Panda Satire provide for your edification, our theory of how this occurred. We repeat, this is a theory and is not to be construed as fact.

We’d also like to thank the “mysterious donor” to the Institute, of this beoooteeful banner which now graces our international headquarters.

Isn’t it splendid?

More panda fun is in the works and will be posted “soon.”

Be the Bear!

Bob T. Panda

PS: there is still time to get a 30 Days of Pandas poster from Cafe Press Pandyland store! See link to the right in the Panda Commerce division before Christmas.  What could be better than pandas under the tree!

One thought on “Panda History

  1. Tai Shan, Sooperpanna!

    If dose panna cuzzins had asked da Sooperpanna I cood hab toad dem da an eyewund in Warshingtun is not wike da eyewund on Giwwigan’s Eyewund. Dere is fwootickows fwom Hebben (snow) dere, and youse can’t eat da hoomin’s pannacaves ‘cause dey is not made of bamboos.


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