It’s That Time of Year Again…..

Did I mean holiday time? Noooooooo!  I meant the time of year when I congratulate myself on how funny I am and pick out my favorite cartoon of the past year.  I’t’s really kind of difficult this year, because I’ve been sooooooooo funny, and done more cartoons than I have in year’s past.  The panda kindergarten has pushed their way in and taken a much bigger role, and the introduction of Babette de Panda has changed the dynamic in the panda-sphere.  So, here is my favorite cartoon storyline for the year.  I’d love to hear what your favorite is. No really.  I’m listening.

wheel of pandas 1

wheel of pandas 2

I’d also like to mention that this is my 200th post!  Hurrah!

Be the Bear!

Bob (I’m waiting to hear which cartoons you liked best) T. Panda

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