A Vision in Black and White…A New Ensemble`

Why should zebras have all the fun?  Babette thought she needed a new outfit (avec un belle chapeau!) for all her jet setting… southern California one day, Singapore the next, then it’s off to the French Alps to get in a little time on the slopes with with a mystery panda!  So what could be more appropriate for a quick trip to the south of France (or maybe Disneyland?) than a glorious black and white striped asymmetrical ruffled blouse with a pleated skirt?  I don’t know about you, but I’m thinking, Ingrid Bergman; Casablanca….And her hat? Oh that hat!  Inspired by a little something her cousin Bai Yun of San Diego just “picked up”  around the den.

And what about the news that pandas are moving to France? Sacre` Bleu!  Cousins of Babette, no doubt.  Will Sweetie rake Sunshine over the coals for applying for the post in unfashionable Edinburgh, (haggis? ugh! when we could have had French pastries??) when Paris was on offer?  Stay tuned!

Be the (fashionable) Bear!

Bob T. Panda

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