Panda-ing in a Winter Wonderland….

Well, Babette no sooner gets back from the beach, then it’s off to the frozen North for a Ski Vacation!  Babette is certainly  a “Bear on the Go” with her dashing through the snow alpine ski outfit.  Nothing says “Winter Wonderland” quite like Babette’s panda button quilted ski jacket and bamboo patterned cashmere scarf, scarlet ski pants and boot toppers knitted from cat fur left on the furniture!

And just who will be waiting at the bottom of the black and white diamond run as Babette comes shushing down the slopes?  Who will be ready to provide a hot cocoa and cuppycake feast in front of the roaring fire in the lodge?  Will it be the shy, but dependable Bob T. Panda?  Or, will  the dashing, devil may care artiste Claude Pandet be punching her lift ticket?

Rumor has it, Babette’s next vacation spot is “The Magic Kingdom”!

Tune in tomorrow to find out!

Be the Bear


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