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“F” is for Forgetful

Finally a letter that is a feature of my life at the moment. As a fastidious furry friend once said, “I am smarter than the average bear” right before he stepped in front of a fast Ferrari and found his finale.

Fortunately, our fine fuzzy fictional princess is with fantastic and fabulous friends. They shall fly over the freeways at speeds not for the faint-hearted.  Meanwhile over at the A to Z, we find frenetic formulating of this fanciful format, as we fantasize about frosting. For Real.  My A to Z pick of the day is the Artsy Gourmet, who you can fine here!

Fast furry friends...for now

Fast furry friends…for now

This cartoon is based on the real life antics of the fickle fuzzy fractious panda princess as she explores the art of tree climbing.

Bob T. Panda

Uh Oh, Do I detect a cover-up?

Well, you have to admit, Washington DC and its denizens have a long and sordid history of cover-ups.  Oh, did I say “den”? Hmmm….wonder where there next cover-up will come from…bwahahaha!

Bao Bao, washington DC cover-up

Oh, Pinky…what have you done?

What’s a mother to do? I hope it doesn’t come to this:

I was framed!

But she’s just a baby!

Be the bear!
Bob T. Panda


Inspector Panda Returns to The Case of the Petulant Princess

Well we have been having a lot of fun over on Facebook and in the comments here, co-writing a very noir offshoot of the Inspector Panda Saga.  It has run a little far afield of the cartoon, but that’s OK because we are having big fun with it.  I think maybe we’ll try to wrap that up by Friday and if all the participants agree, post it here on the main page for Fabulous Furry Friday.

What do ya say, Laurie and Vicky?

Anyway, continuing with our adventure in the funny pages…

"Hello, Bai Yun?  this is Lun Lun...about that detective you suggested..."

“Hello, Bai Yun? this is Lun Lun…about that detective you suggested…”

If you haven’t seen it already, The Panda Chronicles Book 4: The Book of Wu is now available on Amazon. Huzzah!  Thank you to all who have rushed out and bought a copy.  More panda publishing news is coming soon, but it’s coming to newsletter subscribers FIRST!  So, if you  aren’t already signed up for the Panda Chronicle news, what ‘cha waiting for? It’s the second sign up at the top of the right hand column.

I’m waiting….

Be the bear!
Bob T. Panda

Are all Fridays Fabulous, or just Furry fridays?

The Weather Guessers are giving us one more day of good weather, and then we go back to life as we know it really to be here in the upper left hand corner. Yes, I’m talking about rain, and then perhaps some showers.


Next week Mr. Wu wraps up his big adventure, A Bear of the Air.  Just maybe I might have Mr. Wu Monday as well as Mr. Wu Wednesday.  Wouldn’t that be fun?  Also the threats from people who are getting tired of cliffhangers, well…let’s just say we hear you and feel your pain.

But until Monday, here are a couple of my favorites to entertain you for the weekend!

Be the Bears!

Bob, Bob, Bob...when will you ever learn?

Bob, Bob, Bob…when will you ever learn?

Mehitabel gets even.

Mehitabel gets even.

Love the hobby horse on a spring (inspired by a REAL photo of a REAL  panda on one.

Don’t you just love the panda kindergarten?

Have a great weekend!

Bob T. Panda