Are all Fridays Fabulous, or just Furry fridays?

The Weather Guessers are giving us one more day of good weather, and then we go back to life as we know it really to be here in the upper left hand corner. Yes, I’m talking about rain, and then perhaps some showers.


Next week Mr. Wu wraps up his big adventure, A Bear of the Air.  Just maybe I might have Mr. Wu Monday as well as Mr. Wu Wednesday.  Wouldn’t that be fun?  Also the threats from people who are getting tired of cliffhangers, well…let’s just say we hear you and feel your pain.

But until Monday, here are a couple of my favorites to entertain you for the weekend!

Be the Bears!

Bob, Bob, Bob...when will you ever learn?

Bob, Bob, Bob…when will you ever learn?

Mehitabel gets even.

Mehitabel gets even.

Love the hobby horse on a spring (inspired by a REAL photo of a REAL  panda on one.

Don’t you just love the panda kindergarten?

Have a great weekend!

Bob T. Panda



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