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Happy Easter from the Panda Chronicles!

Today is an off day from the A to Z, but I always  (okay, most of the time) post a cartoon (a new one, no less) on Sunday and Wednesday, and today is no exception.

I did leave a wedding party early JUST so I could get home to post this.  Oh wait, “M” day (for martyr) was last week.  Anyway, I did want to post my salute to Easter today, a holiday celebrating chocolate, and some other stuff as well, which, were I not a complete heathen, I would know about.

A tiskitt a taskitt , a great big wheelie basket!

A tiskitt a taskitt , a great big wheelie basket!

I’ll be back tomorrow with more alphabetical atrocities.

Be the Bear,
Bob T. Panda


It’s P-P-P-P-Panda day!

I have been waiting

for today…this peripatetic population of pandas, these paragons of pageantry, pandas at parties, pandas in pairs, panda panda panda! Pandas with their palpable need to pampered, pandas in pursuit of pomp, pandas having pancakes while participating in panicked  PANDAMONIUM!!!!!

Here come the pandas!

What’s a little pandamonium among friends?

Princess Pinky, that paradigm of >Poof< , never paranoid nor parochial, permanently partaking of pop-overs, pretty as a picture.

Pandas….brought to you by the letter”P”

Never say "No" to a Pinky!

Never say “No” to a Pinky!

Pairs of pandas in pajamas…

Atlanta Twins have a fight

Sweet dreams, little bears! (editors note, this cartoon was drawn before Pinky poofed the Cublanta twins and turned them into girls.)

…pandas partaking in pursuits of the poetical….

panda poetry slam

The cake abides….

and last, but hardly least, perky panda pirates!

An explorer's work is never done.

An explorer’s work is never done.

Thanks again to the A to Z for hosting this monthlong panda-thon, not to mention Cordelia’s Mom, Still for inviting  the pandas over for a guest post.  (I swear I’ll have the carpets cleaned. Sorry about all that frosting and the picture window.)

And have I mentioned that “P” also stands for Pandamorphosis?  Just sayin. (stay tuned for news as it appears!)

Keep Being the Bears!
Bob T. Panda

Uh Oh, Do I detect a cover-up?

Well, you have to admit, Washington DC and its denizens have a long and sordid history of cover-ups.  Oh, did I say “den”? Hmmm….wonder where there next cover-up will come from…bwahahaha!

Bao Bao, washington DC cover-up

Oh, Pinky…what have you done?

What’s a mother to do? I hope it doesn’t come to this:

I was framed!

But she’s just a baby!

Be the bear!
Bob T. Panda


The Panda Kindergarten is very talented….

Once again, our newest panda kindergarteners take to the stage to show you just how talented they are.

Fresh from their victory in the Giant Panda Zoo Awards, the Cub-lanta twins, Bert and Ernie, share the stage with (well, as much as she’ll let them) none other than Princess Pinky!

we are friendly, not ambitious!

we are friendly, not ambitious!

Meanwhile, over in Kickstarter land, Pandamorphosis is still going strong. As we move into the final 4 and a half days, you still have time to pledge your support to bring this project to it’s triumphant close.  Huzzah!

pandamonium ensues!

pandamonium ensues!

pandas international

Support Pandas International with your purchase of Panda Chronicles Books 1, 2 or 3

You also have that same 4 1/2 days to support Pandas International, with your purchase of any of the 3 Panda Chronicles books. Huzzah again!

Be the Bear
Bob T. Panda