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Mittens Diplomacy

Remember when Mittens went to the G7 meeting and wowed all our nation’s allies with his wisdom and willingness to work together for the good of democracy?

Yeah…me neither.

And then when he went on to England and charmed the Queen with his impeccable manners and deep knowledge of Royal Protocol?


Yep, that old Mittens…he’s SUCH a charmer!

Bob T Panda

Are You Talking to Me?

Why, yes, I am! While we continue to marvel at the level of dysfunction that is emanating from You Know Who and out of our nation’s capitol, isn’t it reassuring to know that panda satire is alive and well?

Before we get to today’s celebration of cats behaving badly (as opposed to bears behaving badly) let’s get some shameless promotion out of the way. As of now, all the Panda Chronicles books are now available as ebooks.  While personally, I am more of a print book person myself, ebooks are a way you can ALWAYS have Pinky, Bubba, and the rest of the gang (don’t forget WU!) with you all the time, wherever you go.

As an added bonus, if you’ve already gotten the books from Amazon, you can get the ebooks for only $1.99 each! (this only applies to Amazon sales. If you bought it directly from me, this does not apply.) A sweet deal, to say the least!  Through the end of the year, all the ebooks (if you haven’t bought the print books already) are $3.99, so if you’ve been holding off getting the print editions because acorns are scarce on the ground or your book cases are full (we know how that goes) here’s an opportunity to have some panda fun and support panda satire! I’ll be raising the prices a bit in January, just so you know!

You can visit my Book Table page for the direct links to the ebooks! Thanks for supporting Panda Satire!

And now, on with today’s feature presentation!

Lock that cat up, for crying out loud!

Panda On!
Bob T Panda

Just how disordered is YOU KNOW WHO’s personality?

Pretty disordered, as far as I can see, if the tweets coming during and after John McCain’s funeral are any indication. How many ways can we say, “This is NOT about you”? Of course President Obama’s eulogy was brilliant, and for a moment I did not hate George W; I thought he gave a wonderful eulogy. Although there were definitely some very pointed comparisons to the current administration, most of the rebukes came in the form of recounting McCain’s good qualities and dedication to service, justice and the Constitution.

If you can’t stand to be compared, maybe YOU need to do better, Donnie.

So let’s get on with the show!

Someone forgot to take their meds today, I think.

Once again, Pinky guesses right on the nose!

Panda ON
Bob T Panda


Ahem….didn’t mean to go all SHOUTYCAPS on you, but these are disquieting times, are they not? So, while we catch up in Pandyland Studios on all sorts of things, let’s have another episode of Name That Personality Disorder, the *new* game show that everyone (okay, well, me, anyway) is talking about!

And we know who is the most disordered personality ever, don’t we? DON’T WE???????????


Next to Mittens, we all look pretty normal, don’t we?

Panda On!
Bob T Panda

For those of you who have access to the top secret page, there is a new update!

We interrupt our feature presentation …

…for an important special Zoonooz  (and Mehitabel Tonite!) feature! We are entering a whole new period of crazy, so I thought this was exactly the kind of entertainment we needed right now. Yes, Now. It’s a new game show called…

Name that Personality Disorder!!!!! Huzzah!

Just how crazy do we think it’s going to get?

Panda on Like an Un-indicted Co-cospirator!
Bob T Panda

If Only We Could Forget Reality

Wouldn’t it be nice to forget reality for even one day?

Well, what the heck do you think we were doing on Friday with all those ‘toons of adorable panda twins? I mean, while we were getting all schmoopy when we saw how nice the Meihems are to their little sisters, He Who Must Not Be Named was playing footsie with the head of N. Korea’s cyber warfare department. Probably showing him how clever all his passwords are and how easy it was to avoid the intelligence departments.

And I’m pretty sure he hasn’t forgotten about his military parade…


Do we HAVE to go?

Oh…don’t forget to watch out for those sinkholes…

Pandaing On (through the tears for our failing way of life)
Bob T Panda

Can He Say That?

Oh my ears and whiskers! The world continues to prove it’s madness. We weep for the recent events, which apparently are the 133rd such event this year, only distinguished by being the worst  shooting in US history. Can he say that? Can he have really have said what he said after this week’s tragedy? Are we all just tragic figures, stumbling towards the exits in the dark, smoke filled room, hoping not to get caught in the crossfire??

Oh heck. Let’s just watch some panda videos.
Pandas are LOVE
Mittens…not so much.

Pinky is beginning to look positively presidential!

Pinky is beginning to look positively presidential!

Meanwhile, back at the (panda) ranch, I have received several communications, one form the Toronto Twinkies, and more recently from the Meihems. All are concerned that perhaps Pinky is not a good role model for the Toronto cubbies. Fortunately, the Meihems have offered to mentor the Toronto Duo, after all, they know a lot about being twins! I think we need some kinder, pandy-ish story lines here, to compensate for the horrors of the real world.

Be the Bear, and let’s stay sane out there, okay?
Bob T Panda

Here Comes Mittens

Oh yeah. Mittens the Cat is back and as I previously might have mentioned, once or twice, it is really hard to make stuff up when the stuff you read on the news is already so absurd. As the Nihilists said in The Big Leibowski, “It’s just not fair!” Oh, yeah, here comes Mittens the Cat!

The disappearance of Mr. Bun has taken a back seat to the debate between Princess Pinky, Bob T. Panda, and Mittens the Cat. Tell me when it’s all over…I don’t think I can bear to watch!

"You are all Losers!" - Mittens the Cat

“You are all Losers!” – Mittens the Cat

What’s that you say? Mittens bears some resemblance to one of this year’s Presidential candidates? Imagine that! well, if all of this year’s political shenanigans has got you down, get yourself a beer, some cuppycakes, and sit a spell and watch this video by my pal Doxiemom made of Bubba and his mom! I hear panda videos are very relaxing and we are going to need all the relaxing we can get this summer and fall!

Be the Bear,
Bob T Panda

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Fabulous Furry Friday presents…

The best of Mittens the Cat! When we found out that Mittens was entering the race for president, we shook our collective heads in dismay. Hasn’t this election cycle gotten crazy enough? Fabulous Furry Friday presents: The Best of Mittens!

This. Will. Not. Stand!!!!

Ha ha! Of course it will. One thing we must remember, during this excruciating election season, and that is we need as much funny as possible, and all the better if we can make thinly veiled references (or maybe not so thinly veiled) about various political candidates. And laugh about it. Even if it’s through our grinding teeth.

For those of you who just recently joined the pandasphere, we bring you some cartoons starring Bob and Mittens from the previous presidential cycle. Pinky wasn’t even born yet, let alone vying for world domination!

Babette has ..um...toned her wardrobe down in honor of this important occasion.

Babette has ..um…toned her wardrobe down in honor of this important occasion.

In the words of Winnie ther Pooh, "I think it's time for a little something.

In the words of Winnie ther Pooh, “I think it’s time for a little something.

Cats....you just can't trust em.

Cats….you just can’t trust em.

Remember, Mittens has “excellent fur.”

Does being endangered have NO privileges?

Does being endangered have NO privileges?

Keep cool, cat, and don't go blaming women for stuff. That is SO not the way to get votes...

Keep cool, cat, and don’t go blaming women for stuff. That is SO not the way to get votes…Endangered Species card? #DealMeIn

Hmmmm…I think that the raw materials to transform Mittens into the personality of one of the current candidates are all there. stay tuned! It’s going to get might pandy around here!

Be the Bear
Bob T. Panda