A Mighty Wind Was Blown’…

Besides the mighty (foul) wind that blew through DC last week, a mighty wind blew through the Pacific Northwest on Tuesday night, which knocked the power out to the entire island. We got reports that we would not have power back till Saturday, which, as you can imagine, was not happy news. BUT!!!! Unexpectedly the power came back around noon today, which meant I could get today’s ‘toon scanned (finally!)

But here we are now! 

You knew I was going to have to comment on this.

If we don’t stand for justice, we stand for nothing.

Buckle up people. I don’t think we have reached safe harbor yet.

Be Brave,
Be kind,
Be resolute
Bob T Panda

16 thoughts on “A Mighty Wind Was Blown’…

  1. billieandhersite

    Glad you are ok and have power back. Glad that you are safe!
    I agree with Pinky. Some of the thugs at the Capitol did look like they had gone rancid. Frank and Mikey have to be careful since they are taking care of the kiddie bears—no strange meats! (Brett Kravenclaw is weird enough.)Don’t worry, Bikkie, we will protect your sweet self. Now to calm Bubba and Ping! Little sweetie bears! Should Frank and Mikey be hibernating? Is Mommee doing ok? Is she able to get any rest? Will there be a Senate trial anytime soon? Does Melania need any help in packing? I, for one, will be happy when the Orange one is gone, gone, gone.

    1. Panda in Chief Post author

      Frank and Mikey might be getting ready for hibernation! They are a little behind schedule, but aren’t we all? They just couldn’t go to sleep until Joe and Kamala are safely in office and the Orange Menace is gone!.
      The original estimate for restoring power was not till Saturday, so I was extremely happy to have it back today!

  2. Diana Sutton

    Yayyy! on the power being restored, early even..
    I have finally gotten back in to my WordPress account. I wasn’t able to even like these posts for months!
    Anyway….leave it to you to be so right on! We are all a little terrified. Just when we let our guard down thinking all is about to get better, the shoe drops again. This insane man has got to go and his minions too!! I am holding my breath the inauguration goes safely…..

  3. Vicky V

    Thank goodness you got your power back early.
    Watching everything unravel from half a world away was horrifying. Waiting to see what happens next is terrifying. I can only imagine what you are all going through.

    1. Panda in Chief Post author

      Horrifying is the right word. bad enough that it happened, even worse is how some members of the GOP Congress are trying to excuse it or say “It’s the Dem’s fault for being mean to us!” It’s like one of those insane nightmares where you keep trying to calmly explain the facts and they keep saying crazy shit like you never said anything.

        1. Panda in Chief Post author

          It’s a wonder I have any voice at all left with all the screaming I’m doing. Less than 48 hours till hopefully sanity returns. Well, SOME sanity. At least there will be rational adults in positions of authority. so many investigations, so much insanity now baked in to the “opposition”

          1. Panda in Chief Post author

            It’s OVER! AS Mehitabel likes to say, “What part of over don’t you get?” I must admit, I’ve been holding my breath this last week as they continued to plan an outdoor inauguration, but all went well, there were no “B” movie secret attacks on the event, no planes flying into the middle of the festivities, no poison in the punch.
            In way, that things have gotten so bad, it is generally acknowledged there is a ton of work to do. Hopefully, I will get over the stress napping really soon and start to feel normal.

          2. Vicky V

            Huzzah! Let’s never do this again!!

            I didn’t know what I was I going to wake up to but thankfully the inauguration went well and without any attacks. There is a long road ahead but I have faith in America. If anyone can come back from this it’s you guys.

          3. Panda in Chief Post author

            I admit to a high level of anxiety all day. I have to stop watching those movies where they blow lots of stuff up and traitors are dressed in the uniforms of defenders. During my stress nap today, I dreamed I saw a friend I haven’t seen for a while, we were not wearing masks and as we clasped each others’ hand, we both realized we should not do that and sprang apart to wash our hands.
            Will we ever get back to normal? who knows.

          4. Vicky V

            I’m not sure if we will get back to normal. I hope we do. But gee, we’ve had so much to deal with – especially you guys.

            A friend rang me recently and invited me to her 60 birthday party. It’s indoors at a venue with around 35 people. We’re allowed to do this now but I felt a wave of fear and nausea run through me. I told her straight out no way! She said you can wear a mask if you want. I told her a hazmat suit might get me there but no thanks. I’m not ready to socialise with a group of people yet. I’m feeling like this in a country that has practically eliminated community transmission. I can only imagine how you are feeling in a country with a raging pandemic and devastating death toll. Plus you’ve had the added burden of a psychopathic administration. I’m not surprised that you’re stress napping. I am surprised you’re not running through the streets screaming!

          5. Panda in Chief Post author

            I don’t think I would be ready to be around that many people even if I was wearing a mask, and even when the virus incidence has dropped. I don’t think we will be there any time soon. I hope I get to visit Bikkie while he is still small, but even that is in question now. At least the psychopath has left the building and his voice is muted with his ban from many social media platforms.
            Here’s to better days!

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