A New Day Has Dawned

Morning has broken.
T*ump has left the building

WE HAVE A PRESIDENT (No * or ” ” needed!)

You may or may not have voted for Joe Biden and Kamala Harris, but they are our new President and Vice President. I think they are people of integrity, that they will work hard to fix the things T*ump broke, and things that were broken before he got there. They will not be successful with everything, but they will give it their best effort.

Many of us (like me) will be traumatized for a while. We came so close to losing our democracy and I am really glad that we didn’t! President Biden has put some really smart and dedicated people in charge of getting the pandemic under control, and while we have some hard times ahed, I believe that they will be able to get it under control if we all do our part.

Meanwhile, we can say a not very fond “Buh BYE” to the  man who would have liked to be king…

Mittens has left the building.

For those who are interested, my felty Fight Bunny has been claimed, but their project has a bit more to go before the reach their funding goal. Check out The Effervescent Adventures of Fight Bunny and make a pledge, for a book (digital or otherwise) and mebbee a Fight Bunny pin!

We are the Pandas!
Bob T Panda

4 thoughts on “A New Day Has Dawned

  1. bankypig

    I feel like I can smile and breathe again. Good manners, common decency and intelligence has returned to the White House. I’m not so naive as to think things will magically be 100% better immediately but having #45 and his equally worthless family OUT did make me giggle and snicker just a bit yesterday.

    1. Panda in Chief Post author

      I too am relieved to have the madman and his grifting family gone. I hope there are consequences yet to come for those in Congress who may have aided and abetted the insurrection. But that failed and the inauguration went on! It was lovely to see and I think I am going to watch the young poet Amanda Gorman a few more times. I am not generally a poetry person, but wow! Her poem was very moving.
      Meanwhile, pandas have things to do and say and we have the cutest Bikkie in the world to watch as he grows up.

      1. Diana Sutton

        Ain’t it the truth!! I am so grateful to no longer see or hear the big orange one! Joe Biden is tackling the projects and hitting the ground running just as he said they would. They had plans in place BEFORE he took office so they were ready. Such an inspiration!
        And the press secretary! I love to listen to the press briefings now. She laughs, she smiles, she says I don’t know…I will get back to you.
        I am happy…..😁

        1. Panda in Chief Post author

          The anxiety is beginning to subside. I slept well the last couple of nights…I just hope Schummer will hold McConnells feet to the fire. He’s gotten away with obstructing everything for 12 years, and now he needs to put the citizen’s concerns ahead of his own quest for power. The new press secretary is great. I’m getting a real CJ Craig vibe from her.


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