Mittens Ruins Everything!

A great collective sigh of relief went out over the country at 12:01 PM EST on Wednesday. The naysayers and the #NeverDemocracy folks may disagree, but if allowed to govern, I think the Biden/Harris administration will do good things for all of us. It hurts my heart and brain to hear the lies that are still being told by those who tried to overturn a fair election. I hope normal sleep will return someday soon.

But meanwhile, Pinky has some thoughts…

Despair not little bear! Daddee’s Panda Express Card is but a room away!

Brave enough to be a panda,
Bob T Panda

4 thoughts on “Mittens Ruins Everything!

  1. billieandhersite

    Oh, no! Do not go into the other room for Daddee’s credit card! Beary Poppins, do not go down that road! Oh, my ears and whiskers, Pinky! Forget Mittens! He is evil, and you are not. Mischievous, yes, but not evil. And do not forget that Mommee will not fall for any shenanigans! Is this a good example for your younger brothers and cousins?
    I worry so.
    Er, em, uh, what about an age requirement here? Are you old enough to run for President? Even in bear years, whatever they are.
    My hair is white from worry,
    Two books? Huzzah! I cannot wait! Pure joy for my eyes and mind.
    There is a fresh breeze in the land, and it is glorious. Now to produce enough vaccines and get the virus under control. The old supply and demand question. And variants? I cannot go there.
    But, there is a new breeze in the land!

  2. bankypig

    Pinky is having a “existential” crisis? Wow! Big word for such a young panda. And I loved “Beary poppins” calling her “little princess”. So sweet….


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