Pinky Has a Plan for Dat!

One of the things I love about Pinky, is that she never lets those reflective moments get in the way of her naked ambition! I mean, she is a panda with a plan, and the plan is usually “what’s best for Pinky?” While this is not (as we have seen these last four years) a very admirable trait in humans, in a small, adorable panda…well, Pinky is a star and an icon!

Never deterred by adversity (like having THREE younger brothers- we include Ping) Pinky has picked up the pieces of her failed attempt to win the presidency and is moving on!

“What’s next? (for Pinky!)”

Bikkie was NOT making a joke!

Be the Bear!
Bob T Panda

7 thoughts on “Pinky Has a Plan for Dat!

  1. Teresa

    I’m looking forward to seeing Mommee Mei doing the laundry one day, or seeing the wardrobe in da panna house. I can’t believe those costumes, and the tutu, don’t go through the washing machine … #Adorable #Unresisdabel #PinkyRules #SheIsAIcon

  2. bankypig

    Hmmm..has Pinky perhaps met her match with Bikkie? Is her youngest brother going to be harder to fool? Curious minds want to know and cannot wait to see this storyline unfold.

  3. bankypig

    Bubba: “get used to it…” almost made me spit out my coffee! Boy, do I love these panels….Bikkie is learning fast. He just might be a match for his older sister! And of course, I love Mikey and Frank being in the storyline more often.

    1. Panda in Chief Post author

      As I was going through my ‘toons, to put them in order for the books, I was surprised and pleased to see how many times Frank and Mikey showed up. I do love those bears!


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