By popular request…

When I posted my earlier ‘toon and opinion/essay, a faithful reader (and personal friend of Pinky’s) referenced a ‘toon, written/drawn after the 2016 election. Another of the panda faithful (as well as a personal friend of Pinky’s) asked if I would re-post it,

So here it is.

day after

Remember the song “The Eve of Destruction”? That’s what today feels like.

“Hello, 2016? This is 2020 calling…”

Stay safe, panda friends…

We R Endangered.

8 thoughts on “By popular request…

  1. billieandhersite

    Thank you! Little did we know how tough we would have to be. Thanks to your ‘toons, we did not forget how to laugh. You have been a saving grace through your art. You also have the ability to analyze a situation and find the humor in it. Now, we have to hang tough again, but I do not have a sense of hopelessness that I did on 2016. We will get to a better place and get through all of this, including Trump and COVID-19. You just keep on keeping on.
    Stay safe, wonderful artist!
    The world is a better place by having you in it.

  2. bankypig

    Oh boy do I remember that day four LONG years ago. It was/is a great panel but it was also your saddest one. But…….We made it to 2021 and a new Administration. Hopes are high…

    1. Panda in Chief Post author

      I think we are not out of the woods yet. New sh*t is coming to light about the events on ‘wednesday, and I think there is more evil mischief afoot. I am ever hopeful, if still apprehensive. Hang in there.


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