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Fight the Humor Deficit! Make fun of people on Twidder!

I have to admit that I have come to like Twidder more than I do Fezbook. Maybe it’s because Fezbook has come to seem kind of unwieldy. I can’t easily find all the comments from people that are actually relevant to a discussion I am having with them, because Fezbook seems to want to give me hundreds of obscure notifications for every one that is part of an ongoing discussion with friends.

Meanwhile over on Twidder, I get a healthy (um…maybe not) dose of news, connection with other panda fans, and connections with other people in the kid lit and writing communities at large. And then there are the snarky parody accounts…

We must fight the humor deficit with every pun at our disposal!!!!

What’s that you say, Bob? He has responsibilities?

And meanwhile, we are about to launch the next phase of the Panda Pin Project over at Kickstarter! If you’ve been following along, you’ll see that it’s going to launch at noon (PDT) today!!! So get ready…get set…not yet…this link is just a preview until the project launches at noon!

Be the (Bubba) Bear
Bob T Panda

You Can’t do That to Pinky!

Pinky has RIGHTS!

Pinky has a Magical WAND!

Can Mittens really do this? Well, I just don’t know about that, Dude.

Mittens can’t really do that, can he?

Meanwhile, we are entering the final week of our Put a Panda On It Pinky Pin Kickstarter campaign! Huzzah! so there is still time to head on over here if you were thinking you wanted to collect the whole set!

Panda on!
Bob T Panda

The Cruelty of Technology

While we at Way Better Than Working subscribe to the philosophy, “technology when it suits us,” we think things have gone WAY too far!!!!  The other day we heard a report on NPR (that’s National Panda Radio, in case you’ve forgotten) which talks about the new generation of…gasp… I can hardly say the word…bathroom scales.  We, of course, threw ours out years ago, because it interfered with our devotion to cuppycakes, so imagine our horror when we heard that they had come out with a scale thast could post the results directly to twitter.  Is there no end to the dastardlyness of inventors of new gizmos and gadgets?  What IS a panda to do?

Be the Bear, of course!

Cuppycakes, anyone?

Bob T. Panda