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ZooNooZ Never Rests!

While there has been some well deserved criticism on how some journalists cover the various presidential administrations, ZooNooZ has always been right on the money, if we do say so ourselves. We should point out that this segment was filmed BEFORE Bob went out on assignment to interview the zealot zeal of zebras that is currently running amok in suburban Maryland. Just in case you were thinking that Bob escaped unscathed. There was definitely scathing.

But meanwhile…

How can we miss you if you won’t go away?

We are impatiently waiting for the proofs of The Panda Chronicles Book9: What could Possibly go Wrong? to arrive! We will announce it the minute it is available for purchase. Pretty exciting, huh?

And as if I didn’t have enough to do, I volunteered to make some ‘toons in support of a local school board race. I don’t think I have to tell any of the followers of The Panda Chronicles that our political nightmare is not yet over. Even now, the sedition caucus in the Senate was trying to downplay the level of threats and aggression (and sometimes violence) that is happening at school board meetings around the country. I’ll be sharing the ‘toons from the Politics on the Prowl series after they have run in whatever format the campaign uses to share them.

I urge you not to put your head under the covers and sing la-la-la I can’t hear you, as much as we may want to. Please check your voter registration at your state voter portal, spend 10 minutes reading up on the candidates and VOTE this November (or as soon as you receive your mail in ballot.)

Panda On!
Bob T Panda

One More Saturday Night (Massacre)

I wish I could take credit for planning this out so well, but really, it was sheer chance that I scheduled my “salute” to Richard Nixon this week, what with the anniversary of the Saturday Night Massacre happening just last week. (Saturday, October 20th being the date that Richard Nixon fired special prosecutor, Archibald Cox, to keep the Watergate investigation from moving forward.)

It didn’t work then and we hope that it won’t work now, but the only thing that can prevent it is…

…As many people voting as are eligible!

“And they called ME a crook!”

Now if those pesky Republicans would quit trying to suppress voting rights for people who are not…um…white Republicans, we would see what’s what.

Now would ya just get out there and VOTE???? (I voted today!)

Be the Bear!
Bob T Panda


Is Our National Nightmare Over Yet?

I have…um…stepped away from the computer for a few weeks to have a confab with my panda cousins in China. (More about that later.) I’m pretty sure that it is safe to assume that there has been a  national nightmare or three in my absence.

Over the past 10 months I’ve done a lot of pondering, and one of the questions that I have been pondering is this: If the internet with such plentiful and easy access to information, had existed in the 1930’s would Hitler have come to power, so easily? I started asking myself that on November 9th, thinking that surely, with everything happening in full view, surely democracy could not be overturned so easily.

It appears I was wrong. Our national nightmare is in full tilt chaos, despite (or maybe because) so much unfiltered and unverified information  zipping around the airwaves.

I don’t know what to do, besides draw more pandas.

national nightmare

When, oh when, will this be over?

I’m really hoping that I’ll wake up soon.


Panda On,
Bob T Panda


Day 4: 31 Days of Pandas

Before we get to Sunday’s feature cartoon, here is today’s 31 Days of Pandas offering. As you all know, pandas adore cuppycakes and when in London, all pandas head for Peggy Porschen’s Cakes! It’s hard not to read this as “I’d like a piggy portion of cake,” but that’s not the name of the place. The name is Peggy, NOT piggy!

Here is Bob waiting in line to get some cuppycakes!

31 days

I’ll have…um…4 of everything.

And now…here’s today’s ‘toon!

Is Bob still trying to have opinions?

Is Bob still trying to have opinions? Wait! am I a celebrity?

Be the Bear…
Bob T Panda, from the Island of Misfit Pandas (Thank you A.M.Y.!)


I know you have been waiting for this. Guess who found her magical wand and brought it with her to the debate? If you guessed Pinky, you should give yourself a gold star on your calendar today. POOF!



And isn’t it sweet of Bob to defend Pinky? You can almost hear him say, “Nobody cares about your darned birth certificate, Pinky.” Hard to say whether Mei is going to be mad at Pinky for bringing her wand to the debate or not.

and now, for a small rant…

The other day, as I was romping around on Facebook, I came across an ad for t-shirts and coffee mugs that had a familiar (and one of my favorite) comics characters on them. But as I looked more closely at the website, it didn’t look quite right to me. For one thing, there was a slight, but significant discrepancy in way the name of the comic was spelled, and it was not from the website that I know and love.

I decided to contact the real website and say, hey…I saw this and it didn’t look right. Apologies, if this really is one of your sales portals, but I thought you should know about it and here’s the link. Today I got an email back from the website and they thanked me for contacting them and that I was correct, these were NOT authorized products. They are going after these guys and I hope they nail their asses to the wall.

It is hard enough to make a living in any of the arts without someone siphoning dollars of the fruits of my creative labors. The more famous you get, the more likely you are to have copyright infringement. And at least currently, you don’t have to register copyright to own it. All you need to do is create it. There are legal and financial benefits to registering your copyright, but for your rank and file artist who is just scrapping by, the cost of registering each piece is prohibitive. Yes, you can register collections, but that does not have the same clout as registering individual pieces. Copyright must be transferred in writing. If you buy a painting from me, I still own the copyright, unless I specifically transfer it to you. So I can still make reproductions of something that I have sold and you can’t. (At least you shouldn’t)

So if you see stuff for sale from The Panda Chronicles and it didn’t come from here or here or here, the money is not going into my pocket. and you do want me to be able to keep doing these ‘toons, don’t you? Remember, I post all my ‘toons on line for the low, low price of absolutely nothing, because I know what it’s like to have a limited budget. But I appreciate book and swag purchases a lot! (Not to mention sales of original art and original cartoons.) I appreciate everyone who reads my stuff and shares it with their friends.  Huzzah! Keep on…

Being the Bears!
Bob T. Panda

Can He Say That?

Oh my ears and whiskers! The world continues to prove it’s madness. We weep for the recent events, which apparently are the 133rd such event this year, only distinguished by being the worst  shooting in US history. Can he say that? Can he have really have said what he said after this week’s tragedy? Are we all just tragic figures, stumbling towards the exits in the dark, smoke filled room, hoping not to get caught in the crossfire??

Oh heck. Let’s just watch some panda videos.
Pandas are LOVE
Mittens…not so much.

Pinky is beginning to look positively presidential!

Pinky is beginning to look positively presidential!

Meanwhile, back at the (panda) ranch, I have received several communications, one form the Toronto Twinkies, and more recently from the Meihems. All are concerned that perhaps Pinky is not a good role model for the Toronto cubbies. Fortunately, the Meihems have offered to mentor the Toronto Duo, after all, they know a lot about being twins! I think we need some kinder, pandy-ish story lines here, to compensate for the horrors of the real world.

Be the Bear, and let’s stay sane out there, okay?
Bob T Panda

Day 18: Today, I am a Bear

We wouldn’t want to appear to be biased towards one holiday over another here at the Panda Chronicles, so even though the holiday of Pandukkah is now over (thank you for that, Nina L.) we celebrate that turning point in any young panda’s life, the Bear Mitzvah! 31 days of Pandas proudly presents…

Today, I am a Bear…

Today, you are a bear.

Today, you are a bear.

...if I were a panda, yadda dah dah da- da- da- AAARGH! I can't stop!!!!!

…if I were a panda, yadda dah dah da- da- da- AAARGH! I can’t stop!!!!! You’re welcome.

Meanwhile, the debates go on….

Why Cats are superior to Pandas

I’m sure you can trust this cat!

Be the Bear,
Bob T. Panda

Happy Birthday to Mehitabel!!!!

And that’s no April foolin’.  In honor of her 16th birthday, we share a cartoon that has NO PANDAS in it.  Hey, I had to grant her wish, or who knows what she would have done!

  Well, maybe this wasn’t such a cat tribute after all.  Hmmm….I knew I shouldn’t have let the panda kindergarten select the day’s cartoon…..Well, happy birthday anyway Mehitabel.  May you continue to be able to jump on the counters for many more years!

And here is a little April 1st humor from the Scottish Pandas:


Be the Bear!

Bob T. Panda


Bob Throws His Bamboo into the Ring

bob for pres

Vote the Panda Party!

It had to happen.  Even with the trials and tribulations of controlling  (HA!) the panda kindergarten, Bob feels that he has no choice but to declare his candidacy  for President.  Of course, there are many questions to be answered.  Does he have to declare zoo panda rental fees in his financial disclosures?  Will Babette be his “first lady”?  Will the panda kindergarten obtain positions in his cabinet?  And what about his birth certificate from the San Diego Zoo?

You can declare your support for a panda in the White House (the first since the Nixon Pandas took up residence there in 1972) by acquiring a Bob T. Panda for President bumper sticker from www.cafepress.com/pandyland

Now, a portion of our meager profits will be donated to Pandas International (no, really, you can ask them!) to support real, actual pandas!  After all, our cartoon ceases to be funny if pandas go extinct!  So, you can skin 2 cats with one purchase, aiding real pandas and declaring your fed-up-ed-ness with politics as usual.  Buy stuff with pandas at Cafe Press Pandyland.  Pandas everywhere will appreciate it.

Be the Bear!

Bob T. Panda