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Bob Throws His Bamboo into the Ring

bob for pres

Vote the Panda Party!

It had to happen.  Even with the trials and tribulations of controlling  (HA!) the panda kindergarten, Bob feels that he has no choice but to declare his candidacy  for President.  Of course, there are many questions to be answered.  Does he have to declare zoo panda rental fees in his financial disclosures?  Will Babette be his “first lady”?  Will the panda kindergarten obtain positions in his cabinet?  And what about his birth certificate from the San Diego Zoo?

You can declare your support for a panda in the White House (the first since the Nixon Pandas took up residence there in 1972) by acquiring a Bob T. Panda for President bumper sticker from www.cafepress.com/pandyland

Now, a portion of our meager profits will be donated to Pandas International (no, really, you can ask them!) to support real, actual pandas!  After all, our cartoon ceases to be funny if pandas go extinct!  So, you can skin 2 cats with one purchase, aiding real pandas and declaring your fed-up-ed-ness with politics as usual.  Buy stuff with pandas at Cafe Press Pandyland.  Pandas everywhere will appreciate it.

Be the Bear!

Bob T. Panda

If Elected…..

Well the “Pandas for President” movement is heating up fast!  I already have two (count ’em, 2 actual supporters, although one said she would jump ship if someone else was available) I am working on my stumpy speech (that is a speech written by someone with a stumpy tail, I think) and getting platform shoes and making up a bunch of stuff…oops I mean reviewing my accomplishments. So, vote for me and I promise to serve cuppy cakes at the White House to all visitors who voted for me. I also will think about a new paint job as just “white” does not reflect the essential pandaness of being!

Be the Bear!

Vote for Bob!