Day 4: 31 Days of Pandas

Before we get to Sunday’s feature cartoon, here is today’s 31 Days of Pandas offering. As you all know, pandas adore cuppycakes and when in London, all pandas head for Peggy Porschen’s Cakes! It’s hard not to read this as “I’d like a piggy portion of cake,” but that’s not the name of the place. The name is Peggy, NOT piggy!

Here is Bob waiting in line to get some cuppycakes!

31 days

I’ll have…um…4 of everything.

And now…here’s today’s ‘toon!

Is Bob still trying to have opinions?

Is Bob still trying to have opinions? Wait! am I a celebrity?

Be the Bear…
Bob T Panda, from the Island of Misfit Pandas (Thank you A.M.Y.!)

11 thoughts on “Day 4: 31 Days of Pandas

  1. Sue Marquez Coad

    I consider u an Elder Panda Statesman, Bob, ur way smarter than some er….people think !! All the pandas really adore u, even Pinky & of course little Bubba !!

    1. Panda in Chief Post author

      Mehitabel just likes to rev them up once in a while. She is almost as imaginary as they are. They are real to me too.

    1. Panda in Chief Post author

      I will do my best to speak what I believe to be true. I refuse to believe that the truth no longer matters, despite what Voldemort and his followers say.


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