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And, as the campaign heats up….


I’m not sure what is worse:  Bob’s continuing delusions that the panda kindergarten has turned over a new leaf, or the behavior of the panda kindergarten.  I really think I should just stay out of it, although I have left some literature on Bob’s desk about Outward Bound programs for young pandas.  I think maybe a session with Bob’s therapist is well overdue.  (Ok, OK, Ellen, your Roll of Honor placement is coming….)

Mehitabel the cat;  Be NOT the the Bear!

Bob”s Greatest Hits! The 2008 China Olympics

Ok It’s also because we are working our paws to the bone on some new material, as well as working on our stumpy speech, to prepare for this year’s elections.  Is there a panda running for office in your community? Join the Cake Party today!  What good is tea without CAKE??????

Be the Bear!