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Tis the Season

In thinking about election season, a few things have stuck in my brain.  The main one  is, do all these signs actually change anyone’s mind about who they are going to vote for?  I for one, would be more inclined to vote for someone who pledged NOT to put up a bunch of signs, or at the very least, pledged that they would take all those signs DOWN the day after the election.  Most of the signs and ads remind of the 2008 panda kindergarten class running around yelling nonsense and insults at each other, to absolutely NO effect.  Noise for the sake of noise.

pass the donuts.

Be the Bear!

Join the Cake Party Today!

Okay, let’s take a poll here. How many of you are tired of hearing the phone ring, and then  realizing it’s a “robo-call”, telling you what a lying, sack of $#!* their opponent is, and as soon as you hang up from that call, the phone rings again and it’s the first guy’s opponent, saying what a lying sack of $#!* the OTHER guy is.  It’s more than a Panda can bear. (Get it?)  Well, we of the Cake Party are calling for a more civilized discourse, and for getting the bad taste of over-brewed tea out of our mouth.  Are we getting into the line of fire? Hmmmm…. who knows?  Can’t everyone just behave and be nice? And maybe stick to actual facts?

Be the Bear!

Join the Cake Party!

Bob T.

Bob”s Greatest Hits! The 2008 China Olympics

Ok It’s also because we are working our paws to the bone on some new material, as well as working on our stumpy speech, to prepare for this year’s elections.  Is there a panda running for office in your community? Join the Cake Party today!  What good is tea without CAKE??????

Be the Bear!