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It’s beginning to look a lot like PANDAS!!!!!!

Well we have been busy little bears, traveling to meet with our black bear brothers and sisters in the Yosemite Valley!  The folks that run the park are making it hard for a bear to make a living. They request that all cars are emptied of food especially at night, so that marauding gangs of bears (chanting “Be the Bear! Be the Bear!” as they run through the car park) aren’t enticed to be bad bears and break into cars, eating twinkies, moving the seats and changing the preset buttons on the radios!  But we bears get so tired of eating just what is good for us, don’t ya know? What I wouldn’t give for a donut just now…..Sigh.

Be the Bear

Bob T

PS: I’ll try to be more regular with new cartoons now that I’m back home.

Tis the Season

In thinking about election season, a few things have stuck in my brain.  The main one  is, do all these signs actually change anyone’s mind about who they are going to vote for?  I for one, would be more inclined to vote for someone who pledged NOT to put up a bunch of signs, or at the very least, pledged that they would take all those signs DOWN the day after the election.  Most of the signs and ads remind of the 2008 panda kindergarten class running around yelling nonsense and insults at each other, to absolutely NO effect.  Noise for the sake of noise.

pass the donuts.

Be the Bear!