And, as the campaign heats up….


I’m not sure what is worse:  Bob’s continuing delusions that the panda kindergarten has turned over a new leaf, or the behavior of the panda kindergarten.  I really think I should just stay out of it, although I have left some literature on Bob’s desk about Outward Bound programs for young pandas.  I think maybe a session with Bob’s therapist is well overdue.  (Ok, OK, Ellen, your Roll of Honor placement is coming….)

Mehitabel the cat;  Be NOT the the Bear!

2 thoughts on “And, as the campaign heats up….

    1. Bob T Panda

      Ah, you caught my subtle little inference, I see. The great thing about writing as a cat or a panda, is that people can’t get really mad at you. well, that’s my theory at least.


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