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Happy Holidays from The Panda Chronicles!

Whatever and however you celebrate, remember, it is always better to celebrate with pandas! Yes, even with Pinky.

I’m sure absolutely no one will be offended by today’s ‘toon. ( I ran it past my spiritual advisor and she said it…um…now what was it she said? Oh well. Here it is anyway!)

Remember! Every time a bell rings, a panda gets a cuppycake! I’m doing a three part Encore Presentation of Beary Poppins over at my Finding Your Inner Panda Noozletter on Substack. Check out the first installment here!

And do check in on Crispmoss Morning here, for an Encore Presentation of The Twelve Days of Crispmoss, starring you know who!

Till then,
Be the Bear!
Bob T I’ve been very good Panda

Chrispmoss at the Panda House!

This ‘toon always deserves a second look!

You better watch out….
31 days
Who didn’t have a sibling like Pinky?

Sigh…remember when we thought that once Mittens lost, we would be rid of him? This ‘toon was written before the attempted overthrow of the government on January 6th.

It’s time to call it a day, Mittens!

I hope everyone had at least some joy over the recent holidays. It’s been a really hard year for most of us, and very terrible bad year for others. While some of us had the privilege to hide out from the day to day perils and anxieties, others were out on the front line, doing the work that needs to be done.

Many people are saying that The Panda Chronicles helps them get through the insanity that surrounds us, and I am so happy that I can do something useful from my fortress of solitude! I hope that I can keep writing and drawing about my favorite pandas far into the future! Thanks to all of you who cheer me on and find my panda ‘toons funny. Who would have guessed?

Tomorrow we return to The Bears of the Baskervilles. It’s been long enough since the last episode appeared here, that I thought it would be a good idea to start from the beginning. For the next 4 days, I’ll recap the earlier ‘toons, ending with the exciting ending/new ‘toons from the story. Huzzah!!!!

Snow and cold temperatures arrived here last night, so since I am stuck on my snowy hill, I guess I’ll get some work done!

Be the Bear!
Bob T Panda

31 Days of Pandas: Day It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Crispmoss

Yes it is Day 25 of 31 Days of Pandas, otherwise known as Crispmoss among the panda set. I would like to point out that it is 46 degrees inside my house, as the electric power has not yet returned. Because of my extreme dedication, I am at the library, preparing this and the next few days of 31 Days of Pandas posts so not a single post is late.

Am I wonderful, or what????

For those who said “Or what,” I am going to tell Pinky you said that and she will do something to you I’m sure. Maybe give you a medal, maybe poof you, I don’t know. Just for that, I am going to torture you with extending Pinky in Wonderland for one more day and instead, bring you this encore presentation of everyone’s favorite holiday classic…

Have yourself a pandy little Christmas….

It’s a Wonderful Life, starring non other than The Wu Self! Enjoy!

it's a wonderful life

Thank goodness Bee the Bear still has her magical wand from the last adventure.

It's a wonderful life

Wu is a good bear at heart….

It's a wonderful Life parody

Bee the bear tells it like it is

It's a Wonderful Life parody

What part of “you don’t exist” didn’t you get? Ha ha! I love that line!

it's a wonderful life parody

You won’t like this, Mr Wu!

It's a Wonderful Life Parody

Those darn cats!

It's a Wonderful Life parody

Repeat after me, “It’s a story” ‘kay?

It's a Wonderful Life, parody

Everytime a bell rings, a panda gets a cuppycake.

It's a Wonderful Life, parody

Yay! The heartwarming schmoopy ending!

Pandaing through the snow…
BobT Panda

Day 14: 31 Days of Pandas

All I want for Christmas…

On with our encore presentations of Panda-extravaganzas! But first, I have another new post on the Whidbey Island Arts Council Website and you can read it here! I even snuck in a few pandas. Hee Hee!

But now, a few holiday memories with some of your favorite pandas!

Nooooo! Not the PINK crayon!

May we say that The Panda Chronicles Coloring Book would make an excellent present?


You better watch out….


Once again proving the intransigence of Pinky, and the omnipotence of Mommy Mei

31 days

Who didn’t have a sibling like Pinky?

Fa-la-la-la-la deck the halls with lots of pandas,
Bob T Panda

Day 12, 31 Days of Pandas

We’re making a list,
Of presents and stuff,
We hope we get lots,
Or we’ll be real gruff,
Pandy Claws is coming to town!

We put out some cake
With frosting galore,
Hey that looks good,
Maybe I should have more,
Pandy Claws is coming to town!

He knows where you are sleeping,
And when you are awake.
He’s got a list from Pinky,
That will cause his sleigh to break!


You better not get
Into Pinky’s way.
You have been warned ,
That’s all I can say,
Pandy Claws is coming to town!!!!!!

Leaping out of his holiday wrapping, we want to take this little gift home with us!

Leaping out of his holiday wrapping, we want to take this little gift home with us!

Day 17...Naughty or Nice? you decide!

…Naughty or Nice? you decide!

There's nothing on earth that I'd rather do....

There’s nothing on earth that I’d rather do….

Have yourself a pandy little Christmas....

Have yourself a pandy little Christmas….I think this might need to be a holiday mug!

Be the bear!
Bob T. Panda

And don’t forget, tomorrow we reveal Bubba’s official Panda Chronicles outfit! Don’t miss it!

Day 25: It’s a WUnderful Life, part 3

I know in the original movie, all the action takes place on Christmas Eve, but frankly, I just can’t draw that fast. So BEAR with me, ‘kay? (I should probably make some kind of new year’s resolution about giving up making terrible puns, but you know, it’s just not gonna happen. Let’s all just move on.)

So, while all the pandas in real life are now partying at mama Bai Yun’s place, in pandyland, it’s time for episode 3 of It’s a WUnderful Life! Huzzah!

It's a wonderful Life parody

Bee the bear tells it like it is: every panda matters.

I don’t think we’re in Kansas anymore…oh wait…sorry, that was the last adventure!

There’s more coming your way tomorrow! Merry Christmas to all!

Have yourself a pandy little Christmas....

Have yourself a pandy little Christmas….

Be the Bear,
Bob T. Panda

Deck the walls with lots of Bamboo

Ok, ok, I know we’ve used this one before, but give us a break, It’s Christmas Eve and all the little pandas are snug in their dens.

We are dreaming of cookies and figgy pudding (with bamboo garnish, of course)   We hope everyone is safe and warm and with someone they love.  Have a safe and happy holiday season, and remember:

1. Don’t talk on your mephone while driving.

2. Cats are not a s bad as they seem.

3. Pandas are suitable for all occaisions.

and last, but certainly not least,

4. BE THE BEAR!!!!!!!

Bob T Panda

Mehitabel the cat