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Mr. Bun Returns: Part 2

I think it is a wonderful thing that Mr. Bun has returned to his rightful place, but I’m with Pinky on this one. I don’t think Mr. Bun wrote that letter any more than Pinky does. And the printing is way too neat and tidy for the twins to have written it. Perhaps, Unka Justin, Prime Minister and panda fan No. 1 of Canada wrote it for Mr. Bun. After all, he wants a reasonable panda to be commander in chief in his neighbor to the south.

Did Unka Justin write this letter?

Did Unka Justin write this letter?

I love that Bubba is still a believer in the powers of Mr. Bun. He believes that Mr. Bun could have written this letter and of course, he is in total agreement with the sentiments of being nicer to Bubba (and Unka Bob!)

So, what’s up next? I guess you’ll just have to come by and see. For those of you who follow me via Fezbook, you should be aware that the folks at FB are continually tweaking the algorithms (whatever the heck THEY are) so that posts go to fewer and fewer people who might want to see them. So even if you have signed up to see posts from me, you might not, depending on the whims or casting of animal entrails that they might do over there to determine who sees what.

So the only SURE way to make sure you don’t miss any Pandy Goodness, is to subscribe to this blog to have pandas appear in your inbox 3 times a week. The sign up is at the very top of the right hand column here. It says, Invite Pandas to Your Inbox. The second sign up right below that, is if you want to be on an email list that I may or may not send out additional pandynews on a very irregular basis.  It is headed by Get Even More Pandas and when I have super pandy news, I use this email to let the inner panda circle know. You do want to be in the inner panda circle don’t you?

And for those of you on Twidder, I heard that Mr. Bun now has his own Twidder account. I can hardly keep up with all my characters getting their own Twidder accounts. Sigh…

Be the Bear,
Bob T Panda

Mr. Bun Returns

I know it has taken a little too long for the return of Mr. Bun but in ‘toon time, it has been no time at all. And isn’t it wonderful  that Pinky is so technologically tuned in? Do we know where Mittens has been poofed to? Do we care? No, all we care about is that Mr. Bun returns to the place he belongs…with Pinky.

Of course,  if Pinky DOES become president, how will it look if she brings her stuffie bunny to the inauguration?

Oh, Mr. Bun! Where have you been?

Oh, Mr. Bun! Where have you been?

As a side note, we’ve been having a few technical difficulties over here, which for the moment seem to have resolved themselves. (That’s how I usually resolve technical difficulties: shut down laptop, go to dinner, have a cuppycake and hope that whatever was wrong no longer is when I turn on the computer again. ) For some reason I was not able to upload today’s new cartoon, and I was afraid I was going to have to figure out some low tech work around – print and deliver personally to hundreds of people around the world, perhaps? But while that might have been lots-o-fun, the time required and the cost of world-wide personal delivery was beyond my resources. So I am happy to report that the problem seems to have gone away by itself. Huzzah!

We will have more from Mr. Bun this Wednesday, and then who knows what I will have prepared for you for next week. The Tour de France is coming up soon, so we will revisit the danger of selfies at the Tour, as well as other selfie hazards in Fabulous Furry Friday’s encore extravaganza!

Don’t forget to…

Be the Bear
Bob T Panda

You Can’t Lie to Mom

Poor Bubba. Once again, he suffers the consequences of being Pinky’s younger sibling. If Pinky had been born sooner after Tai Shan, would she have developed as such a little terror? Who knows? We only know that Bubba is made of softer stuff (frosting?) and the least look from mom can send him into a quivering mass. He can’t lie to mom like Pinky can.

So, after Pinky has taken off for another campaign swing to get endorsements from some VIP’s (Very Important Pandas) Bubba is left to face the music…

I'll talk! I'll talk!

I’ll talk! I’ll talk!

Oh Bubba…you are such a pushover!

Be the Bear! (You can do it, Bubba!)
Bob T Panda

Where is Pinky Going?

Poor Bubba. It is so hard to be the younger brother of such a powerhouse of a panda. But where is Pinky going? Does she have permission? Ha! Pinky don’t need no stinking permission! Does she?

Bubba: but why should I be in trubble?

Bubba: but why should I be in trubble?

Sigh…poor Bubba.

Meanwhile, back at the panda ranch, excitement is afoot…(err..apaw?) as I close in on being almost ready for The Pandyland Chronicles book 1 to be ready to send out to publishers. There will be some exciting news to announce soon, but not…quite…yet.

So I am getting back to work after a bit of traveling, being sick, and who knows what all I get up to around here.

Keep being the bear!
Bob T. Panda


Trespassers W

One of my favorite books as I was growing up was Winnie the Pooh. (No surprise there, huh?) And although I loved the stories, and still re-read them whenever I need something familiar and comforting to read, what this artist loved best was the drawings. and within those drawings were so many wonderful details that enhanced the story in a way that was not necessarily obvious. It was there for you to find on the many re-readings of this well loved story. And one of my favorite details was the sign outside of Piglet’s house that read, Trespassers W which Piglet claimed was his grandfather, short for Trespassers William.

So along with all the other signs and surveillance paraphernalia that Pinky had installed in “her” tree, is it any wonder that this sign should make it’s way there?

You keep using that word "share", mommee!

You keep using that word “share”, mommee!

What’s not to love about Pinky! That panda has a lot of…um…spunk.

Have a fun Sunday. Now would be an excellent time to eat all of that Easter candy that you have leftover. Run, chocolate bunnies! Run!

Be the Bear,
Bob T. Panda

Through the Looking Glass

Over the past couple of months, the friends of Bubba (and Pinky! Don’t forget Pinky!!!!!) have been posting many adorable photos of our nation’s littlest panda as he explores the great outdoors. Recently (Linda G?) someone posted at photo of him admiring his reflection in one of the viewing windows, which naturally inspired this ‘toon.

My! You are quite the good looking fellow!

My! You are quite the good looking fellow!

Meanwhile, back at The Institute for Contemporary Panda Satire Headquarters, I am hard at work on my graphic novel, tentatively titled The PandyLand Chronicles: The Case of the Picturesque Panda. When a mysterious panda enters the office of Inspector Panda, with a tale of late 19th century Parisian pandas, he must rely on his clever assistant Wu to help sort  truth from fiction. Especially when it comes to the wily Babette de Panda. Was her great great great great great great grandmama truly the most sought after painters’ model of the  Paris Impressionists? Or does Babette have a more sinister reason for wanting to find this painting? Think of The Maltese Falcon, except with pandas.

As those who have been following along for a while know, this story started out as a long cartoon with multiple episodes, starring Inspector Panda. As I am now trying to convert it into a graphic novel, geared toward middle grade readers, there have been many changes. The story now focuses more on the junior pandas, it is much longer, and I am doing illustrations in color. I really have no idea how long this will take me to complete, but you can find the news here as its path carries on and the drawings develop. Most enticing is that it gives me the opportunity to do even more panda versions of famous Impressionist paintings, and what could be wrong with that? (Note to Art Historians: please don’t answer this question.)

Till next time,
Be the Bear!
Bob T Panda

It’s International Panda Day!

No, really…it really is International Panda Day! Who knew? Um…well, someone told me it was and while I have been trying to find some corroborating evidence that it IS in fact, International Panda Day, how about we just say that it is and have a panda party to celebrate!

Huzzah! it’s International Panda Day! Let’s have some cake!!!!!

Um...what cho doing wif dat hammer, pinky?

Um…what choo doing wif dat hammer, pinky?

And if you are done celebrating, why not head over to the nice folks at Pandas International and check out goodies in their store. All the purchases there help provide support for pandas. I mean real pandas. Because, without pandas, there could be no panda satire!

Meanwhile back at The Institute for Contemporary Panda Satire, things are heating up on the election front, Bubba gets cuter day by day, and the Meihem twins are hanging out and being about as adorable as two teenage pandas can be.

I hope everyone whose clocks changed for Daylight Savings time has adjusted. It’s only an hour, but it throws me off for weeks, it seems.

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Be the Bear!
Bob T. Panda

40) Su Lin the first. From a a personal photograph that found it's way to me.

Su Lin the first. From a a personal photograph that found it’s way to me.

Pinky Sez…

Being the ever attentive big sister, Pinky has offered to teach baby Bei Bei Bubba Brother, a new game…called…Pinky Sez…

Don’t you wish you had such a caring older sibling?

Yeah, me neither.

How IS this different from Pinky's normal bossiness?

How IS this different from Pinky’s normal bossiness?

It is a wonder that Mei Xiang’s fur is not turning gray! But I think Bubba is beginning to catch on to his big sister’s manipulations. He can’t quite resist the temptation of frosting, though. For now, Pinky has the upper paw.

And if you haven’t read this story by New Yorker writer Robin Wright already, take a few minutes to read it now. It might help you understand why we’re all so crazy for Washington DC’s newest superstar (panda). (Not to mention help you distract yourself from other DC shenanigans.) It is a lovely look at pandas, from the viewpoint of a lifelong panda fan.

Bubba would also like to point out that according to this article, twice as many people have viewed Bubba on the panda cam in his first four months, than they did Pinky during a similar time period. Watch out Robyn. Pinky might be able to find your address. #Don’tMakePinkyMad

Be the bear,
Bob T. Panda


News Flash: Panda Climbs a Tree

Ha ha! that was a gratuitous headline if there ever was one. Of course a panda climbs a tree! Bubba has been climbing up a storm, ever since they let him explore the great outdoors. So, this cartoon is kind of old news, but it wasn’t when I drew it. Mommee Mei is now confident enough in his abilities that she can take a nap or chow down some boo while he is wowing the crowds with his feats of daring.

But when Bubba first started exploring the dreaded hemlock and the gingko of terror, Mei thought he might need just a little help to get started.

You can't just DO stuff. You need instruction from an expert!

You can’t just DO stuff. You need instruction from an expert!

Moms…gotta love ’em.

Meanwhile, we have been having weather not very conducive to pandas, with horizontal buckets of rain today. Blergg. The good news is that it is perfect weather to work on my latest project, which will be available sometime this millennium. I don’t mean to be snarky, but it turns out a graphic novel is a whole heck of a lot of work. Sometime next month I will start sharing some sketches in progress, but for now, can I just say it is either going to be awesomely cool, or a complete pile of crap.

Sigh…We creative types are subject to mood swings and insecurity, if you haven’t figured this out yet. But never fear, Pandas are on the move, and we will bring you all the pandas that fit!

Be the Bear,
Bob T Panda

Smile! You’re on Pandid Camera 2

Poor Bubba. What a shock it was to find out that people had been watching him ALL. THE. TIME.  on the panda camera. Are they really allowed to do that? I’m afraid so, Bubba, and what with your sister’s presidential aspirations, not to mention your Cubby of the Year Award, you won’t have a moments privacy during your entire residence at The Pinksonian Zoo.

Between Apps on mobile devices, 24 hour panda cams, and all the videos and photos taken by visitors to the zoo, your EVERY. SINGLE. MOVE. will be recorded and commented on. Not to make you self conscious or anything.

Add to that, the time honored tradition and privilege of older children to tease, torment, and generally one up their younger siblings. Not that I know anything about this. HAHAHAHAHA! For the record, I am the put upon younger sibling. But we are all done with that, right?

I has no sekrets!!!!

I has no sekrets!!!!

Meanwhile, over on Kristen Lamb’s blog, she has been taking to task those online news sites that make a practice of not paying writers. C Hope Clark, over at Funds for Writers (one of my favorite and always read newsletters) has also addressed this extremely disturbing trend.  As a writer, painter, and cartoonist, I have come up against this idea that “if you love doing something, you should do it for free”.  Phooey on that! As both Kristen and Hope have both so eloquently said, creative people have the same bills everyone else does. We have rent, mortgages, doctor bills, need food, clothes, you name it.

Now, I post this blog for free, and you can search the archives at will. I do this willingly. You can walk into the gallery that shows my paintings and see them for free. You can even see them online. The only way I make any income is if someone buys my paintings, books, or reproductions. If that truly is not in your budget, come visit here often; visit your public library. I’ve been there and I am a great fan an user of public libraries. But if you have the wherewithal to buy books or paintings, be they mine or any of the thousands of great writers and artists out there, please do. It will be appreciated and is the only way we keep from living in a cardboard box. Visit my book page or Pandas Love Links page. And don’t support sites that make money from the work of creatives without providing compensation to those who create the content.

Be the (slightly preachy) bear!
Bob T Panda