Where is Pinky Going?

Poor Bubba. It is so hard to be the younger brother of such a powerhouse of a panda. But where is Pinky going? Does she have permission? Ha! Pinky don’t need no stinking permission! Does she?

Bubba: but why should I be in trubble?

Bubba: but why should I be in trubble?

Sigh…poor Bubba.

Meanwhile, back at the panda ranch, excitement is afoot…(err..apaw?) as I close in on being almost ready for The Pandyland Chronicles book 1 to be ready to send out to publishers. There will be some exciting news to announce soon, but not…quite…yet.

So I am getting back to work after a bit of traveling, being sick, and who knows what all I get up to around here.

Keep being the bear!
Bob T. Panda


10 thoughts on “Where is Pinky Going?

  1. Paul

    It is so true, when we are young we have no history to judge right and wrong – all we know is that if it is happening or doable, then it must be right. ha! Adults suffer the same effect when we run across new technology or new areas of interest without any previous human experience or when we wish to ignore the experience for some reason. For instance we can now manipulate human DNA to create all sorts of special effects in humans, the question is should we and often the argument is made that we should because we can (same argument as is used to explain the desire to climb Everest ) – the problem being little account is taken of ethics (for instance we can likely create a human without a brain for use as body parts – do they have the same rights as everyone else?)

    Pinky’s little brother was exactly right in asking what he could get in trouble for.

    1. Panda in Chief Post author

      Bubba is catching on quickly, but is not yet a match for Pinky’s devious nature. I’m sure he will figure it out…um…sooner or later!

    1. Panda in Chief Post author

      Mr. Bun has been a true friend to Bubba. I don’t know what will happen if Pinky tries to reclaim him.

  2. Gina Koo

    I hope that Mr. Bun will protect Bubba from getting into trouble and not spill the beans that his sissy is gone.
    Maybe Pinky is too big for Mr. Bun and had relinquished ownership to Bubba? (hey, one can dream)


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