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The Tour de Pandas Has Begun!

The Tour de France began yesterday, and, wouldn’t you know it, the panda kindergarten is up to their old tricks! Don’t do what they did to get pictures of the race!

Who says real life can’t be funny?

If you love cute pictures of cats (and who doesn’t???) be sure to check out the very funny #TourDeCouch over on Twidder, from the account of @CatFoodBreath

The panda kindergarten have bad records when it comes to taking selfies in other situations too…

Much better to take a selfie with pandas!


Will Pinky try to repeat this stunt for her 2020 run?

I really had no idea what she was up to.

Mei should not be getting all excited like this in her condition!

Thanks to the unidentified reader who suggested what the jaguar might have done with said selfie seeker’s phone!

I’d love to see some selfies with your Panda Chronicles patches and pins! Maybe that would inspire people to sign up for their Mr. Wu pin and patch over at Kickstarter! We have just over a week left to go!

The Wu the Pirate patch! approx size 3.5″ tall

Panda On!
Bob T Panda

It is the birthday season of Bebe Maurice!

We are taking a short break from Pinky in Wonderland (don’t worry! She will be back) to share some ‘toons about OTHER pandas (Pinky: what? there are OTHER pandas? dis can’t be right! plus dere is dat “share” word again! dis will not stand!!!!!!) It is time to celebrate the first birthday of France’s first baby panda, Bebe Maurice! people are saying, “Bebe Maurice needs an outfit! He needs a raison detre’! Or a raisin cookie! Whatebber!”

Here he is, in a three part special presentation!

Of COURSE he would be an artist! But what are the secrets of his maman?

Happy Bearday, Bebe Maurice!

A note about buying my books on Amazon: I was reading a post on the Digital Reader, one of my favorite website/blogs for what’s what in the publishing and tech industries, and Nate wrote an article about used books that are sold by third party sellers via the Amazon website.  For those who are looking for a bargain, buying used books is a great way to add to your TBR pile without breaking the bank. The interesting thing was that some used books were selling for HUGE prices, way beyond the cover price of the book!

So, of course I had to go look…

I don’t make any money when a third party seller sells my book as used. If it is a lesser price, and you trust the seller (Like a friends of the library sale) I say go for it. But I’ve seen used books for sale (mine, I’m talking about) for higher than the cover price of a new book. This is nuts, in my opinion. There was one listed at over $500 (seriously nuts!) If you want to pay that much for one of my books, contact me and I will sell you an extremely overpriced book! (Just kidding. I think)

If you want to support me, buy a new book directly Amazon, so I get paid. I wish they were in independent bookstores so you could support them, but they are not. It would cost me more in time and money to get them there, as an independent publisher, than I would make from them. Hopefully, this will change when my graphic novel and picture books get picked up and published. Pseudo thumbs crossed!

If you want to buy a set of my 8 books, signed, directly from me, we can do that too. And you can always support my work via my Pandreon page! Pandas are standing by!

And in case you didn’t know, it is time for the Tour de France! Just in time for Bebe Maurice’s Bearday! Huzzah!

Didn’t we tell you not to do this?

Viva le Panda!
Bob T Panda!

Fabulous Furry Friday Presents…

I’m sure there are people who have most of this week off, or at least part of it off any way, because of the July 4th holiday. That is not the case here, because
A) I am self employed
B) If I took a week off people would be like, “where are my pandas??? I NEED my PANDAS!!!!!!

But don’t cry for me Argentina…

If I had a week off, what in the heck would I do with it? Draw pandas? Clean my house (nah…never that! How do you think I have so much time to draw pandas?)

Meanwhile, here is a holiday classic for the 4th of July!

uh. oh.

In addition to the #secondcivilwarletter posts over at Twidder, we couldn’t help but notice a certain Senator lamenting that lack of civility and a perfidious preponderance of profanity (pretty good alliteration, wouldn’t you say?) So, in answer, we offer this ‘toon!

Well *bleep* and take your *bleep* and stick it *bleep*!!!!

And of course, once again, it is time for the Tour d’France to take place, and we have this to say about that, as well as other selfie opportunities!

Hey! Get out of the way!

Much better to take a selfie with pandas!

You know we’re just kidding about this, right?


I really had no idea what she was up to.

And of course, who could forget Pinky’s visit to the White House?

Mei should not be getting all excited like this in her condition!

Meanwhile, the National Zoo is on Mei Watch. We hope she has a happy, healthy cubby (or two!) but no matter what, we hope that she will continue being her lovable self right in DC. There have been reports that Bao Bao herself might be on pregnancy watch. We shall see!

Bob T Panda
Captain of the Cuppycake Brigade
Second Civility War


Fabulous Furry Friday Salutes Selfies

How time flies! This week the Tour de France has begun. Personally I think those bike riders are all nuts: three weeks of grueling cycling in hot weather, up mountains and down treacherous roads. And if that’s not bad enough, then there are those stupid people stepping out to take  selfies:

Hey! Get out of the way!

Hey! Get out of the way!

And yes, there is the occasional idiot who thinks selfies with a tiger would be a really cool thing to post on Fezbook.

Much better to take a selfie with pandas!

Much better to take a selfie with pandas!

New York state has put a stop to this! But did they think about all the implications of this ban?

You know we're just kidding about this, right?

You know we’re just kidding about this, right?

And as you recall, Pinky got in….um… a little trouble over this fundraising scheme: (Good thing she is not a New York State resident!)

I really had no idea what she was up to.

I really had no idea what she was up to.

And I thought this story was a load of bull:



So have a fabulous furry friday, and try to stay cool out there. Unless you are in Australia, and then you should stay warm.
Be the Bear,
Bob T Panda

BTW: a recent report on NPR revealed that you can now take photographs in the white House. Hmmm, do we think a small panda might try to take a selfie in the oval office, just to, you know, see what she will look like in there?


Selfies at the Tour de France

Oh my, just when I thought that the practice of taking selfies couldn’t get any more absurd, (see this post) an observant reader told me that people were taking selfies at the Tour de France.  Not only were they taking selfies, they were stepping out into the flow of (really, really, really,) fast bicycle racers in order to do so.

We are talking about bicycle racers with only three fat cells in their entire bodies, who are probably already a little cranky because
A) Someone just compared them to Lance Armstrong,
B) It’s July,
C)There are not actually french fries every where in France,
D) Some moron with an iphone – who hasn’t been on a bike since 4th grade –  just stepped out in front of them and they crashed and cannot finish the race because their $12,000 Italian racing bike now looks like a leftover pretzel from the Bumpkin County Fair.

Of course, here at The Institute of Contemporary Panda Satire felt we had to address this issue, in the mature and respectful way that you have come to expect from us. (Insert fart joke here.)

Sometimes real life news stories make it Just.  Too.    Easy

Sometimes real life news stories make it Just. Too. Easy

Meanwhile back at the Zoo, panda birthday season has begun.  I hesitate to admit that I don’t know the birthdays of every U.S. born panda, let alone those born abroad, but Washington DC’s favorite #1 son, Tai Shan, celebrated his 9th birthday on July 9th, and the Meihem twins of Zoo Atlanta have their first birthday coming up this Tuesday! (Ya’ll come back for a special birthday ‘toon on Tuesday, OK?)

Meanwhile, in honor of the publication of my book Pandamorphosis, we are inviting you to post pictures of YOUR copy of Pandamorphosis on The Institute for Contemporary Panda Satire page on Facebook.


Be the Bear
Bob T. Panda