It is the birthday season of Bebe Maurice!

We are taking a short break from Pinky in Wonderland (don’t worry! She will be back) to share some ‘toons about OTHER pandas (Pinky: what? there are OTHER pandas? dis can’t be right! plus dere is dat “share” word again! dis will not stand!!!!!!) It is time to celebrate the first birthday of France’s first baby panda, Bebe Maurice! people are saying, “Bebe Maurice needs an outfit! He needs a raison detre’! Or a raisin cookie! Whatebber!”

Here he is, in a three part special presentation!

Of COURSE he would be an artist! But what are the secrets of his maman?

Happy Bearday, Bebe Maurice!

A note about buying my books on Amazon: I was reading a post on the Digital Reader, one of my favorite website/blogs for what’s what in the publishing and tech industries, and Nate wrote an article about used books that are sold by third party sellers via the Amazon website.  For those who are looking for a bargain, buying used books is a great way to add to your TBR pile without breaking the bank. The interesting thing was that some used books were selling for HUGE prices, way beyond the cover price of the book!

So, of course I had to go look…

I don’t make any money when a third party seller sells my book as used. If it is a lesser price, and you trust the seller (Like a friends of the library sale) I say go for it. But I’ve seen used books for sale (mine, I’m talking about) for higher than the cover price of a new book. This is nuts, in my opinion. There was one listed at over $500 (seriously nuts!) If you want to pay that much for one of my books, contact me and I will sell you an extremely overpriced book! (Just kidding. I think)

If you want to support me, buy a new book directly Amazon, so I get paid. I wish they were in independent bookstores so you could support them, but they are not. It would cost me more in time and money to get them there, as an independent publisher, than I would make from them. Hopefully, this will change when my graphic novel and picture books get picked up and published. Pseudo thumbs crossed!

If you want to buy a set of my 8 books, signed, directly from me, we can do that too. And you can always support my work via my Pandreon page! Pandas are standing by!

And in case you didn’t know, it is time for the Tour de France! Just in time for Bebe Maurice’s Bearday! Huzzah!

Didn’t we tell you not to do this?

Viva le Panda!
Bob T Panda!

12 thoughts on “It is the birthday season of Bebe Maurice!

    1. Panda in Chief Post author

      No, his fur has straightened out, but still has a rather raffish, debonair quality to it!

  1. Aimee Prefers Plants (@Aimee_Abq)

    When I got on Amazon to purchase ‘Panda Apocalypse NOW’ a few months ago the first choice I was given was a used copy for $36.99. Needless to say I searched the site until I found a new copy knowing that you got zip from the used copy. The only one I am missing now is #6. EVERYONE should have these books for stress reduction in these “Trumpapocalypse” times.

    1. Panda in Chief Post author

      Thank you for collecting (almost) the whole set! #6, I believe, is the one in the somber black cover, #We R Endangered. I may have gotten a teensy bit political in that one. Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha
      It has been such a pleasure hanging out with you on Twidder. I am glad that the pandas help to keep you (somewhat) sane. The do the same for me.

  2. billieandhersite

    I love BeBe Maurice! Thank you! What secret does his Maman have to tell him? He is so sweet. I am not being disloyal to the Princess, but Mr. Wu-Self and Bebe Maurice have their charms!
    Speaking of your wonderful books, I had the good sense to get the books as they came out and a proud owner of them all— even the coloring book! Huzzah! I cannot believe I did something right!
    Now, as to our very bizarre world we are living in, fiction cannot top it.
    If we all do not hang together on November 6 and vote the destructive people out of Office, we are in deep doo doo. Stay behind the Dems and vote Blue. This country needs to swing Center or to the left a tad, but don’t go off the deep end on right or left.
    As for the Russians, the words are : ever watchful. And why is it that if we have all these nerds and geeks around, why are we not on top of all this and stopping them cold? Mueller is a bright Light in the darkness every time he hands down an indictment!

    1. Panda in Chief Post author

      You’ll have to see what happens on Wednesday!
      Thank you for buying all my books. It does my heart good to know that panda satire is out there!
      As to our bizarre (and getting more bizarre by the day) world we live in…I really need to draw pandas just so I can cope. I have listened to more news since you know who invaded the WH than in all the years since Watergate. I want to go back to being disengaged and apathetic. Um…that doesn’t sound so good.
      Well, I hope the Russians don’t manage to screw up our elections in November. And if the D’s prevail, you can be sure the toddler in chief will say that they were rigged.
      Keep reading panda satire, keep resisting! Panda on!!!!

  3. Teresa Orozco

    uh, oh … I don’t want to think that lil’ Bébé Maurice has family ties with Mme du Pandet … maybe I need to review in your ‘toons the saga of the French Pandas.
    On the other hand, the French accent is great, very refined for the pannas.

    #VivelesPandas #Adorables #PetitChoux
    #LovingPinky #SheisAIcon

    1. Panda in Chief Post author

      So glad you like my very knowlagable french accent! Mais oui!
      as to any familiar connections with that dastardly villainess, Babette de Panda, well…we’ll just have to see won’t we? Every family needs a black sheep or two.


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