Pandreon: Buy a Panda a Cuppycake

What the heck is a PANDREON??? It’s a way to support PANDA SATIRE!!!!

I have often thought of setting up a Patreon account, as many (okay a few) people have asked, “how can we give you money$$$$?” While I think it is a great idea (giving me money so I can keep the pandas in ink and paper) the idea of having yet another social media platform that I have to maintain, whose sole purpose is the fill the coffers, well…I’d rather romp and play with y’all on Twidder and fezbook, talking in our squeaky panda voices and…oh…you don’t do that? Well, anyway…

Follow the panda. or the cuppycake, to support panda satire!

I thought I would set up my own Patreon-esque sort of page. If you have a PayPal account, you can contribute to panda satire easily, by clicking the link that takes you to my page and deposit any amount you choose, small or …ahem…large. I will also be setting up a private page here for extra content, first news of new books, work in progress sketches, and what ever else kinds of digital goodies I can think of, to thank you for your support. It will be a subpage of this one, and when you have joined the ranks of the Pandreonaratti (It’s a word because I said it is), by contributing through my, I will send you the password to the page! Those who have supported me through any of my Kickstarter projects are automatically Pandaratti! If you haven’t already gotten an email with the password info send me a message through the contact form below. 

We have entered a strange, surreal, and quite frankly scary period of American history. I’ve been calling/emailing my Congressional reps, marching when I can, and generally raging at injustice and tyranny in my own pandy way. We must keep laughing, both for our own sanity and also because it annoys you know who, when he thinks we are laughing at him. (We are.) For those who are able to support me, I am very grateful. For those who are not in a position to do so, please keep reading my ‘toons, spreading the word of panda satire, and keep fighting injustice, in whatever form it takes.

Thank you (in advance) for your support!

Panda On!
Bob T Panda

Want to support panda satire? Fill out the contact form and send me a message that you’ve supported me through my, so I can send you an email  with the password to the *secret* Pandreonaratti page!