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Shark week!

Shark week, minion week…it’s all the same at The Panda Chronicles! After our brief interruption in service earlier this week, which resulted in no one being able to see the site, we were saved by our new web host and guru over at The Digital Reader. For someone like me, who has a tiny bit of tech knowledge, riddled with vast chasms of ineptitude, someone who actually knows what they’re doing and responds quickly to problems is a good thing indeed!

Meanwhile, Pinky has new minions, but let’s take a trip down memory lane as we recall her minions from her last presydential run!


Triple Trouble indeed!

What are Pinky and her minions getting up to?

Maybe you shouldn’t plug that many things into an extension cord, Pinky.

did someone turn out the lights?

And Zoonooz is on the job!

Cause and effects are very complicated concepts for baby pandas, don’t you think?

Mei Xiang and the Zoo Director have gotten their panties in a knot, it seems.

Proof positive of Pinky’s persuasive popularity!

Minion security: you can’t be too careful.

Thanks a lot, Leslie. I think you gave Pinky this idea.

Here’s where Panda Week intersects with Shark Week…

It’s Shark Week at the panda kindergarten! Roar!!!!

Have you done all your shopping for Pinky’s birthday????

Be the Bear!
Bob T. Panda Videos are very relaxing Panda

Mehitabel TONITE! Part 2

And we are BACK on the Mehitabel Tonite! Show, with her special guest, Princess Pinky, challenger for the nomination in the Cake Party primary.

Take it away, Mehitabel!

Oh dear....

Oh dear….

Uh oh, indeed.
Will Pinky and her minions get away with this? 
Will mama Mei put her paw down, before she gets distracted with a possible addition to the family?
Will Mehitabel ever invite pandas back onto her show?
Will Bob’s campaign finally go viral?
Can The Donald manage to get any more offensive than he already is? (Oops! Debate reference alert!)

Tune in again, for the answers for these questions as well as many others!

Be the bear!
Bob T. Panda


Shark Week at Pinky’s Pond

This past week was Shark Week on TV. It’s some big anniversary year for the movie Jaws, the movie that caused more loads of laundry than…oh…never mind. I don’t even watch TV, but you can’t step foot into the inter webs and not be bombarded with posts about Shark Week.

So be it.

Anyway…Princess Pinky’s minions are celebrating Shark Week in their own unique and adorable way. So…um… does anyone know if there are actually strap on shark fins available for smart-ass swimmers? Just wondering.

It's Shark Week at the panda kindergarten! Roar!!!!

It’s Shark Week at the panda kindergarten! Roar!!!!

Sharks have got nothing on Pinky, who is still hacking into my computer and messing up my headline graphics.

Sigh. This cannot continue.

Be the Bear,
Bob T. Panda

Watch some more panda videos

I think I really need to watch some more panda videos. I am completely stressed out over this hacking business. I thought I had gotten the overlay bug out of my system, but now it is back again. How am I supposed to run for president using MY blog as a platform, if Pinky is over-riding everything from her command center?

Thanks a lot, Leslie. I think you gave Pinky this idea.

Thanks a lot, Leslie. I think you gave Pinky this idea.

Pinky wanted to thank her dear friend Leslie for contributing to Pinky’s campaign with purchases of Pandyland swag from the Committee to Elect Pinky Headquarters. Leslie thoughtfully photographed the actual goodies here, so you could see what they really look like!

Huzzah! Won't your coffee taste better in a Vote 4 Pinky mug?

 Hey! Rand Paul has a store with all his merchandise to raise campaign funds, why can’t Pinky?

Now, I just need to get Pinky’s mother on the phone to discuss her daughters escapades with my computer, but every time I call it goes to voice mail and she is NOT returning my calls.


Be the Bear,
Bob T. Panda


Sorry, You Are Not on the List.

Sometimes inspiration hits when you are least expecting it, and in today’s cartoon, I was inspired to give the 2013 born triplets (now heretofore in these pages to be known collectively as “the minions”) a very important job as part of Pinky’s campaign team.

If you’d like to see Pinky, you need to be on the list.

And Mommee, sorry, you are not on the list.

Minion security: you can't be too careful.

Minion security: you can’t be too careful.

I think maybe the little girl minion is still too star struck by Princess Pinky to really be taking her job seriously, but hey, who isn’t? Pinky Money, anyone?

Meanwhile, I am starting to think about the next book in the Panda Chronicle series….Huzzah! Stay tuned.

Be the Bear,
Bob T. Panda