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The Entire Cast of YBOP Republican Characters Have Been Replaced With Spineless Jellyfish

I mean…it was bound to happen!

Will we change Mittens to a jellyfish? Hmmm…I think he needs to be something more dangerous. Maybe he will just be represented by a flaming dumpster. What do you think? After all, Gary Trudeau never actually drew W in his ‘toons…

Be the Bear
Bob T is mulling things over Panda

Did you remember to head over to Substack for the last installments of The Wizard of Wu and the complete A Halloween Carol! What are you waiting for?

It’s Sunday! Who’s having a Funday?


Could we have just ONE day without further assaults on democracy, the rule of law, or our sanity? Apparently not. HWMNBN has been inciting right wing groups to protest at state capitols to “liberate” the states from the unfair shutdown. What’s a few less grannies and school kids? If it wasn’t for the fact that, given statistical probability that someone at this event is pre-symptomatic with COVID19 and that multiple people attending will then bring the virus home to their own communities, I’d say let them infect each other. But I’m not that irresponsible.

I’m staying home (mostly) and washing my hands, being careful on those rare occasions I do need to go out, and hope you are too! I need all the readers I can get! BTW, if you’re not reading Heather Cox Richardson’s excellent essays, you really should! She brings a historian’s perspective to our current national crisis, and while she doesn’t pull her punches, she manages to give me hope as well. If you read nothing else (beside my ‘toons, of course) reading these would tell you everything you need to know to exist in today’s world.

So let’s sit back and watch (okay…read) this encore presentation of Kitty Sue and the 3 Pandas! (By popular request!)


This story seems a little, but not entirely, familiar!


What a perfectly charming cottage! I wonder who lives there…


In a cabin in the woods…


These guys are so full of themselves!


unhand…um…unpaw that cuppycake!

what fresh horror

…and she ate the just right cuppycake all up!

boundary issues

unauthorized search and seizure is SOOOO tiring!




Is this episode exciting? you bet it is!


The discovery of the terrible crime in the pandas’ house…

And now, for some alternative facts!


Pandas are very misunderstood, in so many ways….


What a lovely day for the 3 pandas to relax at home!

We hope you enjoyed this Encore Presentation of KittySue and the 3 Pandas! A reminder that you can find this story in Book 8 of the Panda Chronicles collections: The Pinky Defense! Get the whole set!

Panda on!
Bob T Panda

More from the Impeachment Chronicles!!!

So…let me get this straight…the GOP says that this impeachment proceeding is unlawful, because it interferes with the 2020 election, because the impeachment managers are pointing out that HWMNBN is trying to interfere with the 2020 election.

Okay…I think I have it now.

We can’t interfere with your interference. Got it.

Do as we say, not as we do!

Panda on!
Bob T Panda

Don’t go away mad, just go away!

Really, some of Mittens’ spokes-vampires have gotten so outrageous with their lies that I’m surprised their heads don’t explode from the sheer audacity of their statements. And what’s with Mister Coffee’s whining that because he is rich and successful, people are being mean to him when they tell him they don’t want him to RUN for president, let alone BE president. We’ve had enough whining from Mittens as it is.

But enough about the lies and whining of people in the political sphere. We have more than enough lies from Pinky! On with the ‘toons!

Please, just go away, KittySue! And did you see what I just saw on Pinky’s Tiara?

Panda on, oh, and by the way, we have just a few more hours for you to sign up and pledge your support for the first Panda Chronicles pin, featuring none other than Princess Pinky! You have until 5:17 PST to head here to pledge your support! Thanks to everyone who has already climbed aboard the Panda Bus to make this project a reality!

Bob T Panda!

Notes from the Panda Convention

A good time was had by all at the Panda Convention!

Well, it was a wonderful weekend in PanDiego once again. I saw the Wu Self, Madame Her Royal Highness, the Empress Bai Yun, and even a glimpse from the bridge far above, of the lovely Gao Gao of the extra fuzzy feet. The Panda Convention drew panda fans from around the globe! Australia, Canada, Switzerland, as well as points from all corners of the US. (Literally!) Washington State, Florida, Maine, and southern California were all represented as well as many points in between.

We had a wonderful panda presentation by Nate Wintle of PDX Wildlife who attended with his delightful 8 year old daughter Dee, who has been best friends with pandas since (before) she was born. Alas, the director of PDX Wildlife, Meghan Martin-Wintle, could not be there as she was in China supervising the incoming interns. Meg is also the mom of the delightful Dee, and with parents like this, it’s no wonder she is smart as a whip.

I have to tell you one of my favorite moments of the weekend…

I…um…strong armed Nate into buying a copy of The Pinky Defense for Dee, and she proceeded to read out loud, the story of KittySue and the Three Pandas. She got to the end, and looked a tad puzzled at the last panel:


What a lovely day for the 3 pandas to relax at home!

…and then she looked at the previous page:


Pandas are very misunderstood, in so many ways….

And then her eyes got really big and she said, “They ATE KittySue!!!!!!”

See what I mean about being smart?

Anyway, Speaking of Pinky…um…we’re always speaking of Pinky aren’t we…

Don’t ignore Princess Pinky!

Alas, there was no cookie balancing competition at the convention, but there was a bit of a scene at the Mexican restaurant where Babette’s many admirers vied for her attention!

panda convention

Babette and her many admirers

Viva Les pandas!
Bob T Panda

Episode 7: KittySue has boundary issues

Oh my! KittySue does appear to have some boundary issues doesn’t she? Well, you know how cats are! Although she does have a point about the sleeping arrangements. In defense of the pandas, even though panda rental is very expensive, the pandas generally do not have discretionary access to these funds. What’s up with that?

But let’s get going on our story! What is KittySue up to NOW???

boundary issues

unauthorized search and seizure is SOOOO tiring!

Meanwhile, if you are interested in the fine art doings of the panda clan, the spring awakening of the Froggwell Blog is here! You can head here to find out all the fine art news that is happening in this corner of the bamboo forest!

Panda On!
Bob T Panda

Episode 5: KittySue and the 3 Pandas

Oh my! What is going to happen next in the home of the pandas ? Stay tuned and find out…

But first, I had the weirdest dream last night. I’m not really sure what brought it on, but if anyone wants to try their hand at dream interpretation, have at it! So here’s what I can remember: I was at some big event, involving some sort of community, holiday dinner, but there weren’t many people there. I went to the dessert and coffee line to get some cake (!) but the guy behind the counter kept ignoring me. They started putting away all the cakes, but I still hadn’t gotten mine.

I said, “What about MY cake?” and he finally grudgingly cut a very large piece of cake, and tried to charge me, but I was pretty sure I had already paid. He did give me the cake, and then I turned to leave, trying to remember where my car was. Someone offered to show me a short cut but after we went through a tunnel, we were in a totally different town and my car was nowhere to be seen. I went back through the tunnel, but the cafe was gone and I was even more lost.

I then had to go through tiny doorways, crazy, precarious looking stairways, and then some sort of attic-y looking area with cats and who knows what else. I think this is where I woke up. I never found my car, and I think I lost the cake.

Go figure!

And now, for today’s episode of KittySue and the 3 Pandas!!!!


unhand…um…unpaw that cuppycake!

Panda On!
Bob T. Panda

BTW, the Whidbey Island gallery that represents my work is moving to Langley from their location of 9 years at The Greenbank Farm. They are conducting a fund raising campaign to help them with the move. You can learn all about it here. Thanks for checking it out and helping if you can.