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How could you have any doubts that the female of any species is willing to fight for what’s right?  Would YOU tangle with a mama bear who felt her cubbies were threatened? If the GOP (Greedy Old Poopieheads) stand by the viewpoint that #BoysWillBeBoys then we must recognize the alternative, that #WomenWillBeWarriors.

And more to the point:
Are you brave enough to stand against Pinky and the Meihems?

day after

What is old is new again. #KavaNOPE

Our story continues…

Be the Mama Bear
Bob T Panda


You heard the little panda! Clap Louder!!!!

It’s Pinky in Wonderland time!

Mittens: No Room! No Room! You look like you’re not from around here!

Oh my ears and whiskers!

Be the Bear!
Bob T Panda

Did I remind you to Vote again? There. I did now! Don’t let Mittens have the last word, okay?

We now return to our previously paused feature presentation…

…Pinky in Wonderland! And I bet you were wondering when we’d get back to this, weren’t you? Never fear! We promise we will wrap this up by…um…the end of the year, but you know there have been SO many distractions of late! I do so hate watching the fall of Democracy and the end to Justice for All, you know? It is SOOOOO distracting!

Shall we re-cap our story thus far?

Pinky in Wonderland Episode 1
Pinky in Wonderland Episode 2
Pinky in Wonderland Episode 3
Pinky in Wonderland Episode 4
Pinky in Wonderland Episode 5
Heck…you can find the rest of them yourself.

I’ve always hated when movies do this…

Tune in on Wednesday for the next episode! We will evade reality one way or another!

Panda On!
Bob T Panda

PS: Don’t forget to check your voter registration and VOTE in November! 

We’re Painting the Roses a very dark shade of Pink

Welcome to episode 12 of Pinky in Wonderland. I have been remiss in brushing up on my Lewis Carroll, but never fear, we will get through this story, even if it is in bits and pieces. I have so many books on my coffee table, crying out to be read!  The latest version of the enemies list coming out of Pinky and Bubba’s home town is distracting to say the least.

I bet Pinky has an enemies list, and I bet I know who’s on it!

But enough about reality! The world has truly gone crazy and while I have recovered from my recent flu, I think in bed, under the covers, with the pillow over my head is the best place to be.

Meanwhile, back at the rose garden….

Wouldn’t it be better if dey was a very dark shade of pink????

Panda On!
Bob T Panda

Pinky in Wonderland: Episode 11

Oh my ears and whiskers! Who will Pinky encounter as she searches for Mr. Bun? Will there be cuppycakes? And just where is she anyway?

Let’s tune in to the next episode of Pinky in Wonderland!

Those little pandas look vaguely familiar!

Be sure to tune in on FriBei as we return with more encore presentation ‘toons about Pinky and Bubba! Huzzah!

Update on Kindle books: One of my alert readers just let me know that amazon will honor previous purchases for the lower price Kindle book if you’ve already bought the print version via Amazon. I hope to have them all uploaded by the end of this month! Personally, I am a print book fan, but so many people who commute or travel enjoy having them to take with them as an ebook. Enjoy!

Panda On!
Bob T Panda

We Now Return to our Feature Presentation

…Pinky in Wonderland! I bet you were wondering when I was going to get back to this, but what with Bebe Maurice’s birthday, Zhen Zhen’s big adventure and, oh…I don’t know, the collapse of civilization as we know it, I just got the tiniest bit off track! I’ve been out and about peddling my fine art wares in various places too.

But what about Pinky???? Pinky has fans! You can’t just neglect her!!!!

And we haven’t been! in addition to fine arting around, I have also been preparing to release the Panda Chronicles books as ebooks! Now, I am a print kind of person. I like books. I like reading them, I like the smell and the feel of real books. But over the years, a number of people have asked me, “Whhhhyyyyyy can’t we have ebooks toooo!?!?!?!?” Well ask no more, your dreams are about to come true! I’m still in the process of getting the books set up, but since it is Pinky and Bubba’s birthday month, I thought I should get those ready first, so that we could have…

A Sale on Pinky and Bubba’s ebooks!!!!!

But first, let’s have the next episode of Pinky In Wonderland!!!
If you need your memory refreshed, here is the previous episode:


And what magical place has Pinky found, as she opens the tiny door?

As I mentioned before, Book 7 (Don’ call mee boo boo) and Book 8 (The Pinky Defense) ebooks are now on sale for $2.99 for Pinky and Bubba’s birthday month. Also, if you haven’t bought the print editions yet, you can also get the ebook along with the print edition for only $.99! TBH, I don’t know if this is retroactive for people who have already bought the book, but if anyone wants to try, let me know, okay?

I am slowly getting the other books set up as ebooks (partly because Amazon finally made it easier (not easy, just easier) to convert the print PDF into an ebook without having to jump through a lot of hoops or pay someone hundreds of dollars to do it!) and I’ll keep you posted as to the progress!

Panda on!
Bob T Panda

Episode 7: Pinky in Wonderland

While He Who Must Not Be Named continues to burn the country down, and pardons others who do so, we must not lose sight of the sight of the fact that pandas are very calming and maybe we should all go lie down and watch some panda videos…mebbee have some cuppycakes…oh yeah and VOTE and CALL YOUR SENATORS (ESPECIALLY THOSE WITH ‘R’ SENATORS) and tell them not to set back the country 50 years because that would just stink.

So let’s just give reality a rest, shall we? And tune in to the next episode of Pinky in Wonderland!!!

It would be better with a little salt and balsamic vinegar, but not bad!

And let’s all wave BuhBye to Scotty (sticky fingers) Pruitt. Unfortunately the new guy is a former coal industry lobbyist, Ah…to live in Wonderland with Pinky…that would be much better.

Be the Bear!
Bob T Panda

Pinky in Wonderland 3

I hardly know what to say. We seem to be descending into a place I never thought we’d go as a country. I plan to head out to our nearest march on Saturday to protest the latest crimes against human (and panda) rights.

And speaking of descending….

Here’s our next episode of Pinky In Wonderland!

Was that Mr. Bun????

Will Pinky follow Mr. Bun? And where did Mr. Bun go? Tune in Sunday for episode 4 of Pinky in Wonderland!

I know it seems like things are especially bleak, and TBH, they are. But all is not lost, as long as we can still vote. I hope you all are checking your registration to make sure it’s current, calling your representatives, and getting out and voting. While the separation of refugee families is dire, the R’s are going to town with trying to take away health care and women’s reproductive rights. The occupant of the WH has successfully banned Muslims (from countries without a tRump hotel or other business interests), all the while reportedly stuffing his pockets and selling the presidency as his latest brand. I hope to see you at one of the marches and then at the voting booth in November.

Pandas RESIST!!!
Bob T Panda

And a reminder: Don’t be the person who doesn’t speak out against injustice because they haven’t come for you yet.

whipped cream

Can I have EXTRA extra whipped cream?