Pinky in Wonderland 2 and then some….

Helloooo panda fans! I know that many of you are not only panda satire fans, but also fans of Democracy, Freedom, and Justice for All. After today’s feature presentation, I have some information on how you can help the folks who are struggling to keep their families together as they cross the border.

But first, here is Episode 2 of Pinky in Wonderland!!!!


Pinky: mommee is making jokes again!

So…here’s my idea…

You might remember last year when I did a fund raiser promotion to raise money for the ACLU and Planned Parenthood, by giving away some panda satire stuff. I’d like to do another fundraiser to help families at the border, who are facing arrest, detention, and the loss of their children.

But I need to do it a little differently this time. I won’t bore you (or lay out any guilt trips) with the state of my finances, but lets just say pickings have been a little slim. An artists life can be precarious and that is just a fact.


In Friday’s post, I shared 6 classic toons from the beginnings of The Panda Chronicles, including the classic Cake Panda (my personal favorite)

let there be cake!

So here’s the deal:

  1. I would like to make the original framed ‘toons available for purchase at the regular price of $500, including US shipping. (an extra $50 for non-US addresses)
    2.  Of this $200 should be sent directly to the children’s border relief charity of your choice.
    3. Once you have done this, email me at proof of charitable contribution, along with your mailing address. Then you can deposit the additional $300 to my PayPal account (this covers shipping, framing, and some support for panda satire!)
    4. I will then pack and mail your original ‘toon to you.

Remember, there is only one of each as these are the originals. If you would like to participate, contact me via the contact form so that I can reserve your original ‘toon for you. I will update availability during the week. In the event that I am away from my email (it does happen!) I will respond in order of email receipt. Use Friday June 22nd post to see the available ‘toons.

And if this is beyond your current financial situation right now, I urge you to make whatever donation you can to one of the organizations helping people at the border, and also to show up at the closest March to you on Saturday June 30th 2018. In the meantime, be kind, be kind, be kind. Speak out against injustice. It’s the panda way.

Bob T Panda

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