Pinky in Wonderland 3

I hardly know what to say. We seem to be descending into a place I never thought we’d go as a country. I plan to head out to our nearest march on Saturday to protest the latest crimes against human (and panda) rights.

And speaking of descending….

Here’s our next episode of Pinky In Wonderland!

Was that Mr. Bun????

Will Pinky follow Mr. Bun? And where did Mr. Bun go? Tune in Sunday for episode 4 of Pinky in Wonderland!

I know it seems like things are especially bleak, and TBH, they are. But all is not lost, as long as we can still vote. I hope you all are checking your registration to make sure it’s current, calling your representatives, and getting out and voting. While the separation of refugee families is dire, the R’s are going to town with trying to take away health care and women’s reproductive rights. The occupant of the WH has successfully banned Muslims (from countries without a tRump hotel or other business interests), all the while reportedly stuffing his pockets and selling the presidency as his latest brand. I hope to see you at one of the marches and then at the voting booth in November.

Pandas RESIST!!!
Bob T Panda

And a reminder: Don’t be the person who doesn’t speak out against injustice because they haven’t come for you yet.

whipped cream

Can I have EXTRA extra whipped cream?

8 thoughts on “Pinky in Wonderland 3

  1. Jeanie

    Can’t wait to see what adventures await Pinky down the rabbit hole! I think I’ll pass on the trumpicino unless I can get it “hold everything” but the extra extra whippy cream. Or is that kinda like getting your toast from an order of chicken salad sandwich? P.S. Yes, vote!

    1. Panda in Chief Post author

      We need all the whippy cream we can get, but never at the expense of those less fortunate than ourselves. But of course, that is where the whippy cream on the tRumpucino comes from, isn’t it? My computer does not want to recognize that “whippy” is a word. Sad.
      And in the world of tRump, unless you are one of the “whippy cream class” your chicken sandwich will only be toast, even if you paid for the whole thing.

  2. Aimee Prefers Plants (@Aimee_Abq)

    Ironic isn’t it? These are the same people who say Government is too big and too intrusive in their lives, but they want to regulate women’s bodies, who comes into the country, what religion we should practice and who we are allowed to love. The hypocrisy of the Far Right is just mind boggling. And sadly “Wonderland is far from wonderful as I am sure Pinky will find out. We must Panda on or lose everything we hold dear.

    1. Panda in Chief Post author

      The GOP’s inconsistencies and hypocrisies are too numerous to count and were even before the age of tRump. I was around before abortion was legal, and I really don’t want to return to those days. My mind is beyond boggled.
      Thank you for panda-ing on with me. Pinky has her work cut out for her.


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