100 Years of Solitude

Gee. I hope it’s not going to last that long, no matter how much this first week feels like it has already been 100 years long. I hope it gets easier. But although I am still healthy, covid19 cases are growing in Island county. In theory, I’m pretty safe. I work at home, I don’t go out to crowded places much, but when every door handle is a ticking time bomb, and knowing how extremely contagious this virus is, it does not give one much peace of mind.

In times of trouble, we need art and laughter more than ever.

Doesn’t impeachment seem like a million years ago?

A bear can dream, am I right?

I have a lot of thoughts, having a bit of extra time to think, so I thought I would share it here.

Also, if I put these nuggets of wisdom between the ‘toons, it will be harder to just scroll past it and get to the good stuff. 🙂

The transition from staying home most of the time to staying home all the time (except for one post office run and maybe a weekly trip to the grocery store) is not a big one, but somehow it feels significant. It feels different. I’m trying to remember to talk to people on the phone, not just text or tweet at them. I’m trying to keep in mind that even though I am not on the front lines in health care or restocking grocery store shelves, creating humorous panda satire, and beautiful paintings (and felty pandas!!!) is still important.

Don’t get mad. Get even.

Rising up from behind the stories of inept and malignant “leadership”, are teachers and writers and artists who are making broad and generous offers to share what they have created online, so that families who are suddenly homeschooling or coordinating online learning from their closed schools, have interesting, joyful content for children.

Theater companies are offering their seamstress services to hospitals to make mask to protect the doctors and nurses on the front lines.

Governors and mayors are stepping forward and doing what needs to be done to keep their people safe, when the federal government drags it feet.

And of course everyone is starting their own podcast!

Because of course she does!

So much FLANNEL!!!!

It’s hard to believe that I’ve been creating panda satire for more than 12 years, starting in early 2008.

In all that time, as the readership has swelled, some people have been here almost from the beginning and some are more recent friends and readers.  For those who are new here, most of the ‘toons are here in the archives for you to read, to get to know all the characters that reside here in Pandyland.

This is not a land with millions of followers. But those of you who have decided to get on board the panda bus, well, I think you are pretty special. (You obviously have excellent taste in humor) Our numbers may be modest, but our love of pandas and warmth of spirit are mighty. It makes my day when I get a card (in the actual mail!!!) from one of you. It makes me feel like what I do matters.

When I see references to cuppycakes, comments and conversations in the voice of the characters of The Panda Chronicles (Otherwise known as panda improv) It makes me smile and makes my heart lighter. It makes me feel like I have created something significant. I have created characters that have come to life in minds other than my own.

Who would ever imagine Pinky would do something to offend someone? #ClapLouder

Make no mistake. These are dark times.

If we are to get through them, we need each and every one of us to keep that panda light in our hearts. We need to believe that there will be a rising up against the malignant force that has taken hold in the center of our government. We need to believe that good hearts and good spirits will prevail. ( We need to VOTE in November)

Pinky: when are people gonna learn dat pinky knows da best!

Being endangered means never having to say you are sorry.

bears will be bears!

Let Pinky be Pinky!

George Washington Bridge lane closure satire.

Princess Pinky Bao Bao…what have you done now?

Panda on, Panda on!
Bob T Panda

8 thoughts on “100 Years of Solitude

  1. Teresa

    oh, Bob T. I wanted to ask you for a favor: If you have not sent the kickiethingies by mail yet, please wait and do not send it, at least to me !! Here (in Spain) we are confined to the houses, and it would be rash to go to the post office. Plz, be safe, you shouldn’t go out either, it’s really dangerous :-((

    1. Panda in Chief Post author

      I hope it will not be too long before I can send your pandas. (Of course, I haven’t made them yet, so it will be at least a couple of weeks) I will check with you before I send them. We are pretty much on lockdown here too.

  2. Anne Brennan

    I’m a long time panda fan – going back to Doxie Mom and Sam Diego Zoo. Love your toons, esp. Ping and Frank and Mikey. Just keep doing what you do. You are appreciated!

    1. Panda in Chief Post author

      Doxiemom!! One of my favorite actual people! I miss going to PanDiego, and the adorable Wu Self!I will keep pandering until they drag me away!

  3. Chas Belov

    Art is important already. Nowadays, it is important to keeping our sanity and our sense of humanity. I saw a play in Chicago last night at Theater Wit (online, of course) and took a playwriting class from Young Jean Lee today. I feel lighter than I’ve felt in weeks. Art in critical to our survival!

    1. Panda in Chief Post author

      It’s a good reminder that there is something good out there beyond the current horror show. I’m not sure how we would be surviving this with out the internet streaming these wonders right into our homes.

  4. bankypig

    “Eat more beans…” That made me laugh! Thank you again for posting these wonderful panels. There’s so much going on in the world that’s just plain scarey and reading these panels always makes me laugh out loud! Panda on!

    1. Panda in Chief Post author

      I’m happy I’m able to bring some humor into the world. There’s not a whole lot that is actually funny.


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