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We Have All Been Here Before…

Despite the fact I sometimes can’t remember where I left my keys, I still remember that August day in 1974 when I watched Nixon resign. I remember being thrilled and scared and maybe a little horrified, that the President was resigning, because he knew he was guilty of the crimes he was about to be impeached for.

Nixon was guilty, but his time in the White House was not without merit!

I am only making some of this up. copyright 2012 -A. Belov

How quaint his crimes look compared to the current occupier of the People’s House. Fortunately, Nixon’s Ghost occasionally drops by at ZooNooZ to enlighten Bob and Mehitabel, and provide context for 45’s reign of corruption.

Can’t ghosts have opinions too?


“And they called ME a crook!”

Editor’s note: These ‘toons are from a year ago. How about it, MacArthur Foundation Fellowship folks… am I a (stable) GENIUS or what??? Do you need my phone number for next year?

And lest we forget that there STILL is no MacArthur Grant for Panda Satire….

Perfect Impeachment Weather!

Panda On, Everyone!
Bob T Panda

Congratulations to Lynda Barry who actually DID win a MacArthur Fellowship! If you haven’t read any of her work, do it now!

It’s that time of year again….but no October surprise!


It’s the first week of October, and you know what that means.

Yes, this is the week the Mac Arthur Fellowships start getting awarded. And, as far as I know, there is still no category for “Panda Satire.”

Go Figure.

When will panda satire have it’s day?



Be the Bear

Bob T. Panda


Where’s My MacArthur Fellowship When I Need It?

I don’t know what most people think I do all day, but it is definitely NOT sitting around on my fuzzy butt drinking margaritas and eating bon-bons. Wouldn’t it be nice, though, if some magical fairy godperson (I’m not picky) would swoop down and drop a big bag of money so I could sit around drawing PANDA CARTOONS for days on end?  I have fans now!  (Well at least 28 of you are subscribing and some of those AREN’T because I personally threatened you with bodily harm and excessive whining if you didn’t.) People are depending on me for frequent applications of panda satire!

Around the beginning of October, someone on NPR always announces that the annual MacArthur Fellowships have been awarded and gosh darn it I didn’t get one again this year. Sigh… So there I was, lamenting my failure to receive large bags of money once again, and darned if I didn’t think of a cartoon to celebrate the season.  So, I hope someone on the committee that selects people for the grant is reading this, because this category has long been neglected among MacArthur recipients.

Be the Bear (who was feeling better enough to draw a new cartoon!)

Bob T. Panda