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Day 3: 31 Days of Pandas

Yes, it’s Day 3 of 31 Days of Pandas! October in Oxford was remarkably not rainy, unlike Western Washington this month and last. Could we please have one sunny day? But I’m getting distracted. While at Oxford, Mini Bob decided he wanted to visit one of the many colleges there. We went on a short self guided tour of Merton College, and pondered what it would be like to study in such a cloistered, academic environment.

Mini Bob even visited the chapel at the college.

31 days

Mini Bob visits the chapel at Merton College

Be the traveling bear!
Bob T Panda

Day 1: 31 Days of Pandas

Mini Bob Started his travels in Oxford, which besides being a really cool place, is a hotbed of children’s literature, past and present. Think CS Lewis of Chronicles of Narnia fame, or Professor Charles Dodgson, better known as Lewis Carroll, author of Alice in Wonderland.

But the other thing England has in abundance is beer, and some pubs are friendly to bears.

31 days

Having a beer at The Bear!

Be the bear…or is that the beer?
Bob T Panda

Happy Birthday To You!

Well, this may be a first for The Panda Chronicles.

You know how people who are born on holidays like Christmas or 4th of July always complain that no one ever really celebrates their birthday because..um…MAJOR HOLIDAY!!!!!DUH!!!!

So, think about what it means to be born on what is probably the most infamous day in recent American history (and I don’t mean the day that the Supremes appointed George W. President) Yeah, I am talking about the ultimate conversation stopper. What if your birthday is on September 11th? Let me put that another way, in case you missed the reference.

What if your birthday was on 9/11?

Well, that just happens to be the case for one of The Institute for Contemporary Panda Satire’s most faithful followers, a young woman from my home town of Phillie PA. so in honor of your birthday, we bring you….

A Salute to Cake! Happy Birthday, Cami Taylor!!!!!

Bob T. Portrait with cuppycake

yoga for pandas

All salute the sacred cuppycake!

Thanks again to Henry Nicholls for alerting me to this story

Thanks again to Henry Nicholls for alerting me to this story

Legalize cake today! Prevent illicit cuppycake activities.

Legalize cake today! Prevent illicit cuppycake activities.

Escape! Come with me, little cake, so we can be alone together.

Escape! Come with me, little cake, so we can be alone together.



One panda's disaster is another panda's delight!

One panda’s disaster is another panda’s delight!

Mini Bob Contemplates some cuppycakes from the famous London Bakery, Peggy Porschens

Mini Bob Contemplates some cuppycakes from the famous London Bakery, Peggy Porschen Cakes

Well, apparently, much to my surprise, I could go on and on with cartoons of pandas and cakes, but I won’t!

Happy birthday, once again Cami….be sure to…um…have some cake. How did I know about this? Let’s just say that small pandas have big mouths. I’m looking at YOU, Emperor Pew! ( see article: When good pandas go bad!) Thanks for alerting me to the news that there is something to celebrate about 9/11. That Bamboo Psychic network is really something!

Be the Bear!
Bob T. Panda

The Scottish Pandas: Who will get custody?

This Thursday Scotland will vote on whether they want to be a nation independent from England. I don’t know what the benefits or hardships on either side would be, but that’s never stopped me from making fun of the process.  I realize that the custody of the Scottish pandas are a very minor issue in the question of a nation’s independence, but hey! Panda fans want to know!

If pandas don't ask this question, who will?

If pandas don’t ask this question, who will?

And what if Tian Tian (aka Sweetie) has a cub? Talk about a Royal Baby!

Meanwhile in the world of red pandas, friend and co-author Vicky Vladic has posted about International Red Panda Day, that is coming next week on September 20th (one day after International Talk Like a Pirate Day on September 19th!). Go right now and read about red pandas and you might find a new cartoon that has not been posted here yet. Huzzah!  You will also find a recipe from the upcoming Panda Chronicles Cuppycake CookBook for Red Panda Red Velvet Cuppycakes, a recipe that I am planning on trying really soon!

In addition to being International Talk Like a Pirate day, Friday September 19th is also the day I’ll be at the Freeland Branch of the Sno-Isle Library to talk about the Pandas of Pandamorphosis! If you will be on Whidbey Island at 11 AM  this Friday, check out the Sno-Isle website to get directions and come on by. I’ll be talking about um…pandas, and will have books available to sign for purchase. I promise I won’t talk like a pirate through the whole presentation.

Be the Bear (AAARRRRRGH!)
Captain LongBob T. Panda


It’s fabulous Furry Friday….again!

Well, I hadn’t thought much in advance about what cartoon I was going to post today, so I will now go to the cartoon archives and see what strikes my fancy.  In the meantime, here are some links to some of Doxiemom’s wonderful (and adorable) videos of Mr. Wu.  Sorry, I could not find the one with the leaf, but these videos are guaranteed to make you smile.

Bears are on the ball!

Bears are on the ball!

Mr. Wu does still somewhat resemble a soccer ball, so I included this cartoon starring Binky!

Have a fabulous Friday!

Be the Bear

Bob T. Panda

PS: work has started on Book 2 of The Panda Chronicles! Don’t miss out on the history of Bob and the beginnings of the panda kindergarten! Get your copy of The Panda Chronicles Book 1: Your Brain on Pandas here!

Here we are! At the Olympics! Really! (well, really in a cartoon fantasy kind of way)

You’ve been waiting, we’ve been busy…I know earning a living is no excuse!  So, without further panda-ing around, here is an installment of the Panda Chronicles, LIVE from the Olympic Stadium!   Huzzah!

It’s round, it’s cuddly, it’s black and white…who WOULDN’T make this mistake?


More Olympics coverage to come!   Huzzah!

Be the Bear!

Bob T. Panda!

And now, finally, really, THE TORCH BEARS RESCUE AT SEA*

* We would like to point out that even though the English Channel is NOT the sea, exactly, it is a large, scary body of water, especially for 2 small bears in a leaky boat, the SS Tipandic.

Finally we had time to rescue the torch bears, so that we could get on with the Olympics (before they are over in real life.) So, without further much ado about pandas,  here they are, the 2012 Torch Bears!

Tune in next week for more panda olympic coverage!

Be the (slightly soggy, but still cuppycake obsessed) Bear!

Bob T. Panda

Somewhere in London, the pandas wait for the torch bears!

The opening ceremonies have begun…the pandas are at the starting post, poised by the pool, practicing pandanastics pirouettes….The glory of Pandyland is at stake. They have one goal on their minds……

Cuppycakes (or in this case, cookies.)



Going for the …um…chocolate chip.

Happy Saturday!

Be the Bear!

Bob. T. Panda


The Torch Bears! Lost at Sea?

I know in the “real world” that the Olympics have actually already started, but please bear with us, and indulge me in the thought that the Olympics are just about to begin.

Where, oh where have the torch bears gone?

Stay tuned for the exciting conclusion of this story!


Be the bear!

Bob T. Panda

Where are the Torch Bears?

The 2012 Olympics are poised to begin and the torch bears are nowhere to be found.  Never fear…they are on their way.  For those of you who are new to the all panda frolic (OK, Mehitabel and one cat) that is The Panda Chronicles, here is a little background on the Torch Bears, who first appeared in 2008, when the summer games were held in China.  The pandas took those games by storm and they haven’t lost their taste for Olympic Gold!

Did the Torch Bears take a wrong turn????

But now what will they do when they get to the Olympics?…..stay tuned!

Be the Bear!

Bob T. Panda