I really have to quit even THINKING, “What ELSE can go wrong?”

I’m sure by now, everyone knows: Ruth Bader Ginsberg has left us. I believe she tried so very hard to stay until (hopefully. Goddess willing) Joe Biden is inaugurated as our next President. I swore loudly,, then cried, then swore some more, when I read of her passing.

People often say: “But what good does my one vote do? I am only one person.” Well, Ruth Bader Ginsberg was one person and a tiny one at that. I mean, my left leg probably weighs more than she did. And yet, she accomplished so much in her 87 years, work that had long lasting, revolutionary outcomes. Don’t believe me: Read Heather Cox Richardson’s tribute to her. (Have handkerchiefs handy!)

From Richardson’s essay:

Upon hearing of Ginsburg’s death, former U.S. Attorney and law professor Joyce Vance tweeted, “We should honor the life of RBG, American hero, by refusing to give in, refusing to back down, fighting for the civil rights of all people & demanding our leaders honor the rule of law. This is our fight now.”

So I hereby refuse to give up, give in, or back down. I may only be an artist, shouting into the cyber void, but if I can use my talent to further the cause of justice by speaking out here, as a panda, then, by gosh I will.

At least through this election, I will not hold back my opinion on politics, justice, or anything else I feel strongly about. I’m not saying there will be no heartwarming panda stories, but I feel I need to be able to speak freely. If this is going to upset you, this may be a good time to take a break from reading The Panda Chronicles. I can’t fault anyone for that. There are a whole bunch of things I can’t read or watch or listen to right now.

I only ask a couple of things.
1. VOTE! If you’re not registered, please register as soon as you can
2. Understand that as an artist, I will not water down what I do for anyone, even if I like you.
4. Support democratic candidates however you are able to.
and finally…
5. VOTE as if all our lives depend on it. Because they do.

And finally, here are your Sunday Funday ‘toons…

Meet Ruth Panda Ginsbear

She’s small
She’s cute.
Don’t mess with her.

I’m sure they are all innocent, just like Mittens!

Paws off those bears! WE R endangered!

Don’t listen to Pinky! Vote for BOB!

In case you were wondering, that is a burrito sitting on the desk in front of Bubba

And if the loss of RBG was not enough to contend with, there is still that pesky pandemic!

It’s nothing that a little cocoa can’t fix!

You can’t get more socially distant than sending everyone to their room!

You can always count on Frank and Mikey for the best advice about bears!

Is FEMA stealing marshymallows too?

Here comes Meihem!

Although RBG is gone, RPG (Ruth PANDA Ginsbear) is still here!  (See the Buy Stuff With Pandas page for ordering information!)

Thank you for those who have already ordered! I decided to make a $10 donation to Vote Save America to help get the vote out, for each RPG that is ordered through the 15th of October. (including those already ordered)

The Notorious RPG Felty pandas made by me! (Even the GLASSES!!!)

Be the Bear!
Bob T Panda

Rest in Power, RBG

10 thoughts on “I really have to quit even THINKING, “What ELSE can go wrong?”

    1. Panda in Chief Post author

      It’s only since I saw the documentary about RBG that I realized everything she has done fr women, and made my life as I live it, possible: getting a mortgage, getting credit in my name, the list goes on. She will be missed and she wanted us to fight!

    1. Panda in Chief Post author

      Thank you. Well, as I always say, everyone is entitled to their own opinion. They are not entitled to mine.

  1. bankypig

    “So I hereby refuse to give up, give in, or back down” Me too! “At least through this election, I will not hold back my opinion on politics, justice, or anything else I feel strongly about” Me too! Thank you for giving all of us a little laugh each day. Some days it’s the only time I even smile..

    1. Panda in Chief Post author

      Thanks for being here. To further shore up our fragile hold on our sanity, I recommend watching the new well cubby exam put out by the Zoo. The second time I watched it, I caught the panda nanny talking to our cubby. They must be over the moon in love with that little thing!

  2. Candace Gai Perkins

    After a suitable time of remembrance I think the Fabulous Ruth Panda Ginsbear should continue to visit Mittens when he is alone in his chambers. Wherever his chambers maybe. Or even when he alone anywhere; her appearances and wit will keep Mittens on his toes.

    Perhaps she should just return anywhere at anytime no matter how many people are about. I can only imagine the Panda Satire (that is an official term, correct?) that might prevail if she were to attend one of Mittens many rallies. Of course only he can see her.

    Of course that is for the Panda Artist to decide.


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